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State I & State II of the Class Cards

 As a preface, I have deleted & reinstalled both Tabletop Simulator, & the "The Official URealms Collection" mod.

 Now, when in character creation, irregardless if I deal using the button in the top-left corner or if I manually deal, the two states of the Class cards do not match up. For example, if I bring the Shaman class into my inventory, the Lumberjack class is dealt in the Abilities section. In the second screenshot, the second card in the Shop is called "The Blackest Lotus", as there is actually a card there. I'm sure that this is a client-side error, since I have not seen any other posts stating the same difficulties, however I would appreciate if any members of the community have had this problem, & know how to fix it. Thank you, & I apologize for the poor image quality.

Shaman & Lumberjack =
"Shaman" Abilities & Shop =
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