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3D Models of Gwyneth's Duskblade and Bopen's Cutlass

To celebrate Season 4 of URealms I tried to recreate the main weapons of Gwyneth and Bopen since this season will mostly focus on the war between their factions.
Mind you this is the first time I ever try to do anything with 3D models but all things considered I think they came out pretty neat  :)
The software I used is Paint 3D since I found it's pretty easy to use even for a newbie like me (plus it's free <.<).

Gwyneth's Duskblade  :/ 

Bopen's Golden Cutlass  >_< (I used Lily's art from the Bopen t-shirt as reference for this one)

Both together

Lemme know what you think  :) I think I'll try to do Susurflame next using Nick and Pat's model from the S3 Finale.
Link to the album with all the photos plus a couple of extra angles


  • Awesome models! 
  • edited July 2019
    very cool

    you should try out Blender, considering the amount of tutorials available and its capabilities.
    is paint3d a sculpting type of 3d program? 
  • cool stuff weslid!
  • Thanks guys :D
    @ItsjustAvy I don't think you can do any sculpting in paint 3D, it's really just the basic stuff, but I will definitely try out blender next
  • @Weslid Im kinda curious how you made the cutlass xD
    picking up blender will be good if you want to get into 3d stuff, although its not what i used
  • @ItsjustAvy prepare to facepalm ahahaha
    Basically I mostly used a tool that lets you make lines that become bigger/smaller and I used that for the golden parts of the handle. For the purple part I used the basic ring shape and just copy pasted multiple times slightly changing the size for each of them, while for the blade I just kind of traced from the original pic using a tool where you draw the edge of the shape and it fills it in adding a bit of depth.
    BTW I started playing around with blender this afternoon and after like 30 minutes of pressing all the buttons and a couple of hours of tutorials later I'm starting to understand the basics... you can definitely do WAAAAAAAY much more
  • soon these blades shall clash in battle!
  • @Weslid Interesting
    when i make weapons i kinda do the same thing but with box modeling, like its all different objects mashed together. apparently its a legit way to make things xD

    I hope you enjoy blender.
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