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A world of man and beast (Solo rp thread)



  • @Kingedyou ; You gulp it down. It makes your throat itch like always
  • @nikiduke ;
    So to not offend mothers cooking she coughs as an excuse to itch her neck
  • @Kingedyou ; Mother instantly drops down and grabs your face "Was that a caugh? Oh deary don't tell me you've fallen ill"
  • @nikiduke
    She forces a smile "N-no mommy I'm alright"
  • @Kingedyou ; She places a hand over your forehead "You don't seem to have the common cold." *She breathes a sigh of relief* "Mother needs to take care of something dear. Its very important that you don't make a mess whilst i'm gone. Can you do that for me?"
  • @nikiduke
    "Yes mommy!" she glances back at her plate "I'm feeling a bit tired anyway, I think I'll take a nap"
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    @Kingedyou ; "That's good dear. You stay safe and don't lean out of the window too much!" *She says as she opens up the trapdoor at the corner of the room and descends down. Closing and locking it*
  • @nikiduke
    Her eyes linger on the trap door for a while before sighing and yawning heading back to her room. She sets Buddy and Mr. Flamo at the door to watch for spiders and tucks herself in to go to sleep
  • @Kingedyou You start to fall asleep. But just before shutting your eyes. You hear something outside your window. It's a grunting noise. It's odd. You've never heard it before
  • @nikiduke
    Her eyes quickly open "Buddy, Mr. Flamo did you hear something?" low rough voice "Yes ma'am ROOOOAAAAAR I think it came from the window ROOOOAAAAR" high voice "Fo sho Aly, there must be something totally not radical making a noise" normal voice "What could it be? Buddy come look with me" high voice "I dunno ab--" she cuts herself off grabbing Buddy and heading towards the window to take a look
  • @Kingedyou ; You look down. And see a person. They aren't mother though. They are strange. They have short but messy hair. And appear to be quite dirty. They are clinging onto the side of the tower. They look up at you "Uh..."
  • @nikiduke
    Quick question, I imagine her mother wouldn't have introduced her to bad words cause that's bad whats the closest substitute she'd have?
  • @Kingedyou Just screaming i guess
  • @nikiduke
    She stares down at the figure, turns to face Buddy, then the figure then Buddy again before letting out the loudest scream she's ever screamed
  • @Kingedyou ; "Whoa! Hey calm down!" *The person says climbing up to the window* "I'm not here to rob ya or anythin aight?"
  • I might consider taking up one of the two tales (since it doesn't look like anyone is going to be taking either on relatively soon), but i'm not sure about it right now. The main issue is that I'm not always fast to respond, sometimes with hours between posts, and if I did join, I don't know which of the two remaining tales I would want either.
  • @nikiduke
    "MOMMY! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT!!" She leans further out the window than she's supposed to
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; Its fine if you take some time to respond. As long as you respond eventually.
    As for which you would want. The bandit tale id say is more of comedic tale. Whilst the wood elf story will get pretty dark at some points.
  • @Kingedyou "Mommy? Uh... look i dunno who your mother is but i'm not her. Now can i please maybe come in? Ive been climbing this tower for hours and falling down right now would probably be pretty bad for me"
  • @nikiduke
    "B-but" she starts counting on her fingers "There's me, mommy, Mr. Flamo, Buddy, Ms. Whittle, The Block Boys, Housette, and the Tea Girls..." she looks down at him again with a horrified expression "Who are you"
  • @Kingedyou ; "Uh... Well my friends call me Flip. But that's not my real name. Anyhow my hands are real tired. I think ill probably fall very soon"
  • @nikiduke
    She just stares at him mouth open in stunned silence, giving him the opportunity to climb on in if he wants to she won't stop him
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    @Kingedyou ; He climbs up and into your room. He looks to be a bit older then you. But not as old as mother. He falls to the floor and breathes in and out exhausted "Ah man... that was... horrible"
  • @nikiduke
    She races towards the broom and grabs it "PROTECT ME MS. WHITTLE!"
  • @Kingedyou ; "That's... a broom... what?" *He says trying to get up but falling back down* "Man... that was not worth it"
  • @nikiduke
    She takes a deep breath charges forward and smacks him in the head with Ms. Whittle 
  • and accidentally kills him
  • @Kingedyou ; You deck him over the head with the broom and he falls down unconscious
  • @nikiduke
    She puts the Block Boys around him in case he gets back up along with Mr. Flamo and Buddy to the left and right of him, then she stares at him still very confused until he wakes up while talking to her toys, should I roll for noticing anything?
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