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A world of man and beast (Solo rp thread)

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hey FELLOW EPIC GAMERS!!!!! (As of writing this i'm starving and am strafing between wanting to be serious and trying to make jokes)

I'm doing a new thread. Unlike all of my previous threads tho. This is a solo rp thread. Ill only be taking one person for each story. So once someone signs up for one. That's it. Sorry!


So why am i doing this? Well its pretty simple. BECAUSE I WANNA! (And also i think it will be an easy way of exploring some new places more indepth without having to juggle multiple people)

To be clear about something firstly. Since all of these stories depend on one person


If you think that's harsh. It is
But i also REALLY don't want a person to just sign up and after a while stop responding.

I will always respond. So if you don't respond. That is entirely on you
No if's,and's or buts! (Unless you have something really important happen out of nowhere. In which case leave a message. Tho i still expect you to return to this thread after whatever you're facing has been sorted out)

This thread is purely story focused. Any combat will be resolved in a story centered manner. And i implore you to take combat as less of a game. And more as a part of the story. If you just say "i attack this monster and kill it" or "I kick this guy in the balls because he made me angry and i can't be creative" I will pimp slap you so hard you will be rolling on the floor for the rest of your virtual day!

Am i being too harsh? I feel like i'm giving you a lecture. lol

So all in all. I would recommend that whatever character you make for these stories. You sit down, focus your brain. And really THINK about something that's fitting and not just another edge lord McEdgeface (To anyone who hasn't seen my rps. They are like a plague and i'm so done with that)

Ok. Now that ive berated you long enough.
Let's get to your options right now. I will potentially add more in case people wanna join but are too late. There are many story ideas i have

STORY 1: The knight in wooden armor (Cancelled)

In this story you will be playing as the Royal Guardian of Princess Alatea Woodwhine. The 2nd in line to the Wood elf throne. The wood elves are an isolationist people that claim their holdings on the far flung isle of Toralise. They worship the nature Goddess Amalia as their savior after the "great elven shattering", As time has passed the wood elves have had many Forest keepers (Kings) And as the current Forest keeper grows old even for elven standards (He's like thousands of years old) The wood elves now look upon his descendants to find a suitable heir.
As the royal protector of your princess. You are eternally loyal to her alone. And your job is to protect and support her for as long as she still draws breath. Since birth you were trained and raised for this exact job. And whilst your lady has many competitors for the throne. You will do all that you can to endorse and protect her.
All the while. A strange affliction has sprouted up within the peaceful woodland realm. What will happen? You'l have to find out by signing up for this!

STORY 2: A Bandits life for me!

In this slightly more lighthearted tale. You will be playing as the fearless leader of a group of bandits going by the name of The Shrouded Wolves. Your usual stomping ground. A small town called Bettygallow. Is a prime spot for caravan raids. But don't be fooled. For the Shrouded Wolves seek not to pray upon the innocent! NO! The shouded wolves steal only from those that do not deserve their wealth! It is with that ideal that you've been able to coexist relatively peacefully with the local residents of the town. However. Something quite terrible is about to hit this fairly easy lifestyle you've achieved for you and your crew.
As the Bandit leader. You must be a person with a strong voice. That inspires boys to become men! And to achieve great feats in order to survive the harshness of the world.
What is in store for our band of misfits and rogues? Only one way to know!

STORY 3: A Caged bird (Cancelled)

This story relies heavily on mystery and not knowing much. So i can't really say anything about it. The only info ill give you is that you will be playing as a small pale faced girl. You live in a tower that stretches above the clouds. And have only ever seen your room and your mother's kitchen. Your mother is a lady by the name of Julia. And she is very kind to you.
What exactly is this? Find out by signing up for it!

And thats all ill be doing for now. But i plan on doing more potentially.
Once you've decided on what you wanna do ill work with you on making a character for you to play.

STORY 4: An unfortunate fate

You awaken in a dark room with a small window giving off only a bit of light.
You have no clue who you are or where you came from. Yet one thing is clear. This is
a very unfortunate situation to be in.

There must be a way to escape this place. But who exactly are you? Who put you here?
All these things will be revealed

STORY 5: The mistress is bored

You are the servant of a noble household in the unliving kingdom of Mordovia. A land where that was once a great kingdom of the ancient age before falling. However with the powers of the death god Mord. The people of this land rose again. And so has the nobility, who now have unlimited time on their hands to rule over their subjects.

STORY 6: The tower of knowledge

Hidden deep in the northern reaches of the great frontier is a tower said to hold priceless ancient tomes and great treasures of an ancient civilization. Located in the eye of an eternal snowstorm, only true fools or hopeless knowledge and treasure seekers would attempt an expedition to find it. And that is where you come in!

For this story. You will be required to create a party of 2 to 4 adventurers that will accompany you. I would suggest that you think carefully about a good dynamic between the entire party and make it easy for them to bounce off each other. They should all have a good motivation for attempting such a thing. This also applies to your character. 

STORY 7: Experiment number 628 (New)

Speechlogger recording
Day 1.
The date, 12th of Darkspar 6542.
This is Professor Timmothy Ornings, Just yesterday night i had been approached with an offer from the head scientist to research and observe experiment 628. I have been informed that any greater details about my findings are to be kept in my research exclusively, i have also been barred from speaking of my findings as all my research is highly confidential. Currently i am staring at the experiment in question through a one way mirror. The experiment seems to be acting normally for now. As this is my first experiment. I would like to thank all the colleagues that had blessed me with this opportunity. I just pray to Tavos that i am able to collect enough sufficient data to satisfy the head scientist. Recording stop"
Speechlogger end

Speechlogger recording
Day 3.
So far the subject seems to have displayed its usual recorded behavior, i was however able to identify a strange reaction during one of my tests, The experiment seems highly antagonistic towards certain edibles, I'm convinced it might have something to do with the components of the edibles i presented, tho i am yet to draw a direct pattern. The experiments readings also seem to spike at seemingly random intervals. I was told that unlike most of the academy experiments this one was manifested outside of the academy, the source seems to be unknown... in short. None of the other science boys can figure out what to do with 628. On an unrelated note, i would like to use this recording as a formal request to the head science boards to arrange for some female garments. I have a slight inkling of an idea... i know it sounds creepy ok but what the hell isn't around here! Recording end!"
Speechlogger end

Speechlogger recording
Day 43
It all went so wrong... oh god! What have i done!? Please... this is Timmothy Ornings, That is my name, i am a scientist. If any of my co-workers can hear this i am currently trapped in the observation room. 628 has breached precaution beta and is currently displaying code red readings! Send help! Preferably an IACF at least 5 of them! Oh gods! Oh Tavos help me!"
Speechlogger end 

Speechlogger recording
Day Error
Mary... who am i?
*White noise*
Speechlogger end

Welcome *your name here*
I have a new assignment for you...

This is a scientist campaign. You will be playing as a scientist in the Imperial academy of Yark. A place where science and grey morals come together in a fabulous display of WHAT THE FU- *Bleep*
As a scientist you have been given a great honor. Your very own experiment to research. *Confetti*
The main drive of this story is to uncover just what is going on with experiment number 628. This will be a difficult process.
It will also involve getting to know the academy during your off time. Meeting friends, perhaps even find love in the harsh conditions of work life? *Shrugs*
You will have to obey the rules for this one so listen up!
One. You have to be a Tinker
Two. You have to be a scientist
Three. You have to not be annoying and actually have a chance of cracking the mystery. So no just off the hook lunatics that won't get anything done.

Image result for thats all folks


  • Can I get caged bird?
  • @Kingedyou ; Potentially... what are you qualifications for playing a small girl?
  • @nikiduke
    That.. is not a question I ever expected to answer. Well I believe on the inside I really am a small girl, also Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess and in my schools musical I took over for Wendy Darling in Peter Pan for three consecutive rehearsals
  • @Kingedyou ; You are very qualified then.

    But i have to repeat.
    Can i trust you to not disappear after a while?
  • @nikiduke
    Assuming I don't get hit by a meteor yes
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou ; Alrighty. Now normally i would give you a chance to make a character.

    But i'm not gonna for this scenario in particular. Since your character is very basic.
    You are a little girl by the name of Alystasia. You have bright blond hair. And you live with your mother Julia in a tower. Your interests include looking at the strange fluffy looking white things outside the window (clouds)
    And playing with your toys. Mother also makes you clean your room sometimes. But generally you don't mind. You only know this tower. And in your view. You and mother are the only two people that exist. And this tower is the only thing that exists. You are 6. Turning 7 in a couple of days
  • @nikiduke
    Do I know they're called clouds?
  • @Kingedyou ; Nope. Mother usually doesn't allow you to look outside the window that much. Any time you ask about whats outside she just warns you to not lean too far outside the window
  • @nikiduke
    and what kind of toys do I have?
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou ; You have a big fluffy Red toy dragon called Mr. Flamo. A bunch of stackable wooden cubes. A pretend tea set with a small children sized table and chairs. Another stuffed toy of a strange yellow long necked creature. You call him Buddy. A doll house filled with only 2 dolls. You and mother. And you sometimes use your broom as a third friend for your tea parties when mother isn't around.
    You call her Mrs. Whittle
  • @nikiduke
    Huh, alright sick. I'm ready when you are
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou ; Ok. You wake up in your comfy little bed (It's like an old timey royal bed)
    And open your eyes to the same old insignia on the roof. It's of something mother calls "a tree".
    You see Mr Flamo and buddy across the room keeping guard (Just laying about) next to the tall door into your room
  • @nikiduke
     Alystasia rubs her eyes yawns loudly and springs out of bed full of energy rushing towards Mr. Flamo and Buddy "So boys did you see anything while I slept" she giggles then does a rough deep voice "No ma'am everythings ok ROOOOAAAAAR" she giggles again "Thank you Mr. Flamo"
  • @Kingedyou ; As you near the door you can hear the sound of rattling pans and bubbling cauldrons. Its probably mother cooking. "Alystasia! Make your bed before play time!" *You hear mothers voice echo from beyond the door. The door to your room is far too tall for you to reach from the ground.
    Although you could theoretically reach it by stacking some toys.
    You wouldn't wanna hurt your friends. And mother would probably get angry
  • @nikiduke
    "YES MOMMY!" She grabs Mr. Flamo and throws him towards the bed "Go on Mr. Flamo! Fly towards the bed and help me make it! Buddy" She looks down at the other plush "You keep guard in case another spider comes like last week" she speaks to herself in a high voice "You got it Aly!" She walks over to her bed and hums a tune to herself (Though she has no concept of music so she's just making noises with zero rythm) as she makes her bed, scolding Mr. Flamo for not helping 
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou ; As you make your bed the tower shakes slightly as you hear an explosion from the kitchen. Mother must be making something super special if she's putting that much special sauce in. You don't like it when mother covers the food in it. Its dry and makes your throat itch. And you feel really sleepy afterwards.
    You finish making your bed like always
  • She sighs walks back to the door and switches out Buddy for Mr. Flamo "Shift change!" she takes Buddy to the bed and lies with him "I think mommy is using more of her special sauce... and a lot, I hate that stuff!" in a high pitches voice "No worries Aly! You know mama's the best chef in the world, she knows what she's doin ya dig?" "I guess so buddy, you're so smart... Unlike Mrs. Whittle." she does her best to throw her voice across the room to sound like its coming from the broom, "Actually it's Ms. Whittle now, Mr. Flamo and I had a falling out and I'll have you know I'm very smart!" she throws her voice to sound like the dragon "Pffft if you call that a 'falling out' ROOOOAAAAR" and back to her voice "Everybody stop fighting please! You know mommy hates it when we're too loud!"
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou ; "Sweetie! Stop playing with your toys and get dressed! I need you on your best behavior today!" *Mother says through the door. Above your drawer. Next to your mirror. You see the red frilly dress Mother has recently started making you wear. You don't know why. But what you do know is that you like your Jammies better
  • @nikiduke
    "YES MOMMY!" She turns all her toys so they don't face her, she builds a barrier of blocks to cover herself (It gets up to her ankles) and she changes into the dress 
  • edited July 2019
    @Kingedyou You put on the dress. It's quite easy to get into. But it feels tight around your waist.
    Also its very easy for you to trip in it.
    *Mother opens up the door. Her kind face and auburn hair peeking through the door* "Come. Ill need you to eat right away. We don't have much time."
    (I'm going to bed now. Ill get to your reply tomorrow)
  • @nikiduke
    "Yes mommy!" she turns back to her toys "Bye Mr. Flamo, bye Buddy, bye Ms. Whittle!" and she follows her mother out the door 
  • @Kingedyou ; You follow mother into the kitchen. Where you can see your favorite food
    You may choose what it is. But keep it fantasy
  • @nikiduke
    She gasps "Mommy! You made bread!" she races towards her mother and hugs her legs "Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!"
  • @Kingedyou ; (Communist rapunzel)
    Mother throws on some special sauce on the bread. Its green and smells like special sauce.
    "Eat up"
  • @nikiduke (I'd watch that)
    She sits down as her mother pours the sauce and just stares at it for a moment before gently rubbing her wrist "Mommy... did you have to put so much? I never feel good after having the sauce"
  • @Kingedyou ; "Alystasia my dear its good for you. You're a growing girl. Now eat your sauce" *She says looking outside the window of the kitchen for a second*
  • @nikiduke
    She bites her lip, takes a deep breath and grabs her utensils "Ok mommy" and she begins eating
  • @Kingedyou ; Roll for getting it down
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