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Season 4 Adventure: Mercs of Stitawn

You are all in the tavern in the town of Stitawn. This tavern is used never that full, but the Festival of Phanto is happening within a week, so travelers from all over the realm have come here to see the town's well-known festival, celebrating the life of the dead Sun Dragon God. Not to mention, the influx of travelers is good for the town's economy. Soon, a man walks in there and posts a job on the tavern's Avaunter's Board that says: There is a group of bandits 6 hours up on the main road into town and the merchant bring the fireworks for the festival will not step foot on the road with the bandits on it, and without the fireworks the festival cannot properly start, The Mayor cannot send any of the town's guards to deal with them given the influx of travelers from the smaller villages nearby for the festival, so if a group of warriors would like to clear it out go ahead and you will be paid with 100 gold pieces per person for doing this.

know Characters:

Loretech:carmen_carp 199 stamina
Gushy Larkspur stamina 60
JJ Warton_Jutik stamina 168
Kinged Chopper stamina 70
Person Sunny_deltoid_ stamina 115



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