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Weapons in Season 4 - Passive Effects or Actions?

During a campaign I played in yesterday, the removal of the house rule of all weapons combining into your basic attacks caused a bit of confusion. Particularly with the karazzimgauntlets. The Gauntlets state that "(...) Whenever your Basic Attack Damage is Doubled, it is Tripled instead". This causes a bit of confusion. Let's say you have the gauntlets and a heartbarkcrossbow. If your Damage is just doubled normally from something like blessingofstrength, Would the Crossbow deal 30 or 45 damage with Basic Attacks?

I'd argue the Gauntlets work as a sort of Passive effect, considering we have weapons like the archmagestaff, a weapon that affects your Spellcasting. Like would it make sense for a mage staff to only really have an effect on spells that cause Basic Attacks like essenceshank? I don't think so, the Archmage staff makes much more sense and is a lot more fun when it works on abilities like fireball, where you roll low and thus accidentally overcharge the fireball with your powerful mage staff, letting it grow out of control and it turns into a 50/50 chance of whether it backfires, burning yourself, or you manage to direct the full blast at an enemy.

So unless there's some big detail I'm overlooking that throws a huge monkey wrench into my understanding of the rules, the way I'd rule it is that the weapon you select only matters for the range/damage/such gems and "Whenever you Basic Attack with this weapon" effects. While everything else that's written on the Weapon card is just a passive effect. So taking that idea back to the Gauntlets example, the Crossbow would deal 45 damage with Basic Attacks, because the Karazzim Gauntlets just makes a general statement about your Basic Attacks, not something that happens when you basic attack with the Gauntlets.

What are your takes on this? Do you feel there any examples that makes this idea of the weapon system much more exciting or lead to unintended consequences?


  • Well some of the weapons have passive effects and you get them for passive effects. Like The Greatsword - whenever you take damage, you may Basic Attack. it's not wirth that weapon, its with any weapon. Some weapons are unique and have this weapon only effect, going "choose me, choose me" whereas some, typically the more powerful ones which cost 300 gold, are powerful passive effects you can have. 

    I'd rule it that it would effect ranged attacks because it is Basic Attack passive effect - for your example i'd say that karrizim gauntlets would enchant your strength, and you need strength to fire a bow. 

    From a roleplay perspective, a player can easily come up with a reason. For Essence shank, you attempt to stab a player and drain their magic, but it's about to go arwy so you either drain your own magic or drain more of their magic. For something like Serpent Sting, You sense you're going to miss so you rush your attack, leaving your guard open. For Double Frost, you want more power so you overcharge the enchantment on your weapons. 

  • Bow would do 45 damage in my game.
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