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Season 3 Mod

Hello hello everyone! With Rob having updated the TTS mod to Season 4, a few friends and I were disappointed that we couldn't play season 3 anymore. But then we realized sitting and being disappointed didn't really help, so we remade pretty much all of Season 3 as a usable mod.

There are a few errors (deck sizes, card counts, and certain decks may be hiding in other decks) and additions (Buccaneer class, Azveltarian race, and Legendary Companions) to base season 3, but they just add flavor! So if you want to play some season 3 Urealms, check out the link above.


  • Amazing work Shepard, I will definitely use this when I feel like playing Season 3 again! That must have been a lot of work, so Thank You <3
  • Should be added that Shepard asked and got the ok from Rawb before releasing the mod. Shep and the others put a lot of work into this.
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