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Should these forums also have a "like" system?

what would some positives and negatives be to such action.


  • I feel like keeping it simple would be fine enough. While a system like that could in theory increase activity by way of giving some kinda internet bonus points system for creating popular posts and avoiding negative ones, it could also promote a particular atmosphere of elitism. Keeping the forums as is makes it so if you want recognition or to share something it's based on intrinsic motivation which while some people might not be able to muster, it at least isn't as prone to being manipulated by factors such as fame and fortune.

    All that being said, I forget the actual mechanics behind it, but I think you get gold and maybe xp from posting and replying to stuff on the forums, at least I know that if you get out a gilded post you get gold. But from what I think I know, that xp and gold isn't really much compared to donating to a campaign or a big event.
  • Nah if you want to give feedback it should be in a comment. I prefer people not fawn over numbers at the very least, and if you want to give feedback the person should know what you didn't like or did like.
  • I've been in too many forums where like systems turn into circlejerks and elitism, and offer another tool for trolls to use. I think members who post something unfavorable by mistake which received a lot of dislikes, (even if it was a good post and trolls swarmed them) they might be inclined never to appear on the forums again. There's too much risk and the hassle of implementing it for little reward. Comments and gilding(promotion to gold post from Rob and co.) are good enough, honestly.
  • More negatives than positives which is why such a system does not exist. Keeps it from turning into a popularity contest. 
  • elitists will be elitists we already have things that would promote elitism such as gold and levels and so far I haven’t seen people being elitists push comes to shove you can just ban the person being rude/delete the comment 
  • we almost had a system like that but we just went with the traditional forums because it's more personal. this is a small community so it's nice to just have a place to talk about similar interests and the urealms game/show we been working on all these years.
  • One thing that sounds funny on paper would be if you could "Zallazahr" people for their posts, that is, give them 1 gold. But that sounds like too much work to be worth it just so everyone would overuse the joke
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