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Issue when loading new cards in mod

Hi guys not sure if this has been posted anywhere (couldn't find a thread) but if you hop in to TTS to look at the new cards and stuff you may run in to issues of cards having the wrong titles or the old images. If this happens it's due to mod caching. Follow these steps to stop it from happening: 1. Load the CC mod to check if the issue happens to you.
2. If it does, go to the menus tab In game
3. Go to config 
4. Under the Govslider is a box with Mod Caching.
5. Untick that box.
6.After you have unticked that box go and reload the mod. That will reset the cards and load them fresh.
Now enjoy flicking through them. They will take a moment to load but hey at least they are right.


  • Warning doing that will break your S3 Mod, multiple fixes for that are being worked on by the community.
  • Thanks, I have been trying to figure that out myself.
  • @CasualCow ; good point! Didn't actually know that, but I personally don't plan to go back to S3 stuff. Although I appreciate others may.
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