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Red's Custom Class Collection! (New Alchemist and Sandbender)

Hello friends! Is it too early to post remade versions of retired classes? Well too bad, I made one anyway! I'm starting with a few that I had some ideas for, and eventually might make some fully original ones as well. Lemme know what you think!


custom card

Delay Death Potion

custom card

Fortune Potion

custom card

Madness Potion

custom card

Potion Launcher

custom card

Even Greater Healing Potion

custom card

Hurtful Potion

custom card

custom card

Cementing Wave
custom card

custom card

custom card

custom card

custom card

custom card


  • This is the best S4 remake of a class I think yet, however I do think it's underpowered. I think delay death could be moved to a Brutal Death Roll at any of combat to make it much more attractive while still just as scary because think about it.

    I think Fortune Potion should cost 1000 Gold and Alchemist should have 1500 Gold (i'll explain as we go). I think this is the one of the defining parts of the class as it's a guranteed crit and if you use that with anyone elses "super move" you win the game. It's anticlimatic, but also hilarious when you use it and they roll a 1 and it doesnt work. Maybe we can fuse the idea of enrage fate with fortune potion, make it 3 dice and so theres more chances for that 1 so it feels just a little bit more exciting to use as the players because 3 chances to roll for a 1 sounds a bit scary, but still lets you most of the time auto win like the fantasy allows.

    Are you gonna use Delay Death 1st combat if it's a Brutal Death Roll? 9/10 times probly not which means it's main benefit is so that when you do use it during your final combat, you get to live through the adventure where as before pretty much anyone who bought delay death during character creation knew they were gonna die lol. So I think we should also remove the Anytime Action from it because it's unnesscary since it's something you drink before you death roll not during and we should also change the text a bit for how it works with allies as in maybe this is a Target able ability too so you can throw a potion to an ally. I think "throwing/launching" potions needs to be a big roll in the class here.

    I think enrage fate is ultimately just the same thing as coin of providence and it's the card that needs to be cut. Rolling 6 dice is cumbersome i fine which is why I try to limit my cards to 3 dice going into S4. I think this class will need a new ability for this.

    Madness Potion needs it's wording reviewed but is great. It's not very powerful and it's also somewhat a situational ability. It can be another type of potion you throw to allies or even at foes and force them to roll more dice if you want? lol

    Superior Medicine is a pretty good start. I think it shouldn't be an anytime or effect bonus actions at all (let this be a class with no anytimes) and just be a more close range "throw a heal". I'd wager for all these Potion abilities the range should be 3 just because it would be a neat mid-range class if you had to be closer and will make positioning more important. I think because of the Potion theme this also should have Potion in it's name. Even Greater Healing Potion would be pretty funny if it's just the "upgraded" potions so maybe that's where I'll go with it.

    Potion Launcher is okay. I think remove it's healing ability because you already heal a healing ability and instead make it so it can cause Status Effects or cure Status Effects. There isn't too many ways to cure status effects and this would fit with the class well.

    Finally, Fortune Potion text could also  be it's Once per Game as it's a passive which means it would have room for some other benefit. I would make it "You may use your Class Abilities with your Move Action." This would make the previous abilities that were under powered and changed more viable as the class can stationary launch potions every twice per round now, but also creates another OP item that could appear in the Item deck for other classes to get hyped to use.
  • Thanks for the feedback! I agree with pretty much everything, won't go super deep into a response but here are my takeaways for version 2:
    • I'll add a continuous passive to Fortune Potion, I didn't see how S4 passives worked until after I did most of these.
    • Class identity should be potion throwing, will have that on more cards than just potion launcher.
    • Enrage Fate doesn't even make thematic sense for the class anymore, so I'll replace it with a new ability, probably some sort of mid-range damage.
    • I'm glad you like Madness Potion, I'm pretty sure it's just the original effect lol
  • Okay, changes have been made to Alchemist, detailed in the spoiler below. I've also added a revised Sandbender, focused on creating difficult terrain and just being all around annoying to foes reliant on mobility, so let me know what you think of it! I also need suggestions for Prismglass' once per game ability, so let me know if you have any ideas. (Also, if someone could remind me how to put card text in italics, that would be greatly appreciated lol)

    • Delay Death Potion causes brutal death rolls instead of impossible ones and has a range of 3.
    • Fortune Potion has a new continuous ability as suggested by Rob, as well as a clause that allows Alchemists to bypass its new cost of 1000.
    • Potion Launcher can cure status effects instead of restoring stamina.
    • Superior Medicine, now called Even Greater Healing Potion, is no longer limited and has a range of 3, but also no longer grants bonus actions. 
    • Enrage Fate is replaced with Hurtful Potion.
    I still want to add some potion throwing/sharing flavor to the abilities, but I couldn't work out good wording, so for now it's mostly implied in the range gem. 

  • Maybe the Prismglass effect could be transforming four spaces of rough terrain into sandclones that each have a bonus action then break? Maybe they can tank an attack then break, too? This lets you have some strategy of whether to use the four for yourself as a shield, spread them out for coverage, or focus on one target. I haven't read through all the passives yet, so I don't know if there's anything similar in that deck. I think this is a fair final combat trade off because after all, you are giving up your self-immunity.
  • @TheChainReaction I thought about including the sand clones in some way, but felt that without a proper minion system in the game currently I might get too complicated. I thought maybe something along the lines of "destroy all difficult terrain to gain 5 bonus actions" but I feel like that's not cool enough?
  • @RedDashLion I agree with that. Maybe it could be as simple as, "smash this to transform all rough terrain you've made into dangerous terrain?"
  • @TheChainReaction I do like that idea, a lot of good flavor that could be included in that as well with turning the sand into swirling shards of glass. Only issue I could see is that the party is also susceptible to it, but I could say it either disappears at the end of the round or that it doesn't effect you or allies.

    I'm thinking I might make Sandblast effect all adjacent spaces, since a single space doesn't really do much.
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