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S4 Weapons and Passives are done.

Might be a few that I need to look at for formatting and i'm sure there is a bunch of typos. Working on re-adapting some of the retired cards into basic abilities and such now. I think we will still be using S4 for Dead Realms, but I don't know if the mod will be ready for public download the same day.


  • I'm looking forward to playing it! I already told my group that we'll switch to S4 for the next campaign and I know that they won't finish our current campaign before then, so that works out fine for me. Just take your time with it and release it once you feel like its ready.  :)
  • Yeah I second that. A product that is late but is finished is better then an unfisnished product rushed to be on time. *stares at Gamefreak*
  • Is it just me, or is the Fluent in Kobold buff pretty big
  • I can finally release infect the air with Kobold.
  • the new fluent buff is bullshit ones should always fail
  • @Whightknight16 Little harsh, but a fair opinion. Personally, I think having double 1's be a good thing is pretty neat, could lead to some really memorable moments where you see the first 1 and are like "aw geez that's not good" but then the second 1 comes up and then your mood does a total 180.
  • Fluent in Kobold was always pretty good, and technically, it's not really a big buff, since double 1's are incredibly rare, even if they're still inevitable if you pick Kobold a lot. But it doesn't feel right that a double 1 cancel eachother out, especially into a critical hit. Rolling 2 dice is already really strong, you almost never roll low, which from my experience tends to be the least interesting rolls. High Rolls are quite more common and The Crit success chance is almost doubled, but so is the crit fail chance. There's also the idea of rolling a double Crit success or fail. Whenever they come up, I like to make those moments that pretty much end combat instantly (unless a player's rolling a double 1) or cause a drastic change to the character or even the world. And it doesn't feel right to me that a character gets the possibility to get that positive change, without taking the risk of getting that major change, but have it turn out negatively for them.
  • We'll  be waiting with anticipation! Take the time needed, just get us a good Season 4 mod and show;)
  • so i saw that there where some errors with the elementalmagegauntlet2 cards. i haven't seen any others yet but have nothing to do right now so if you like i could go through the cards on the side and see if i notes any other mistakes? @Rob ;
  • @Sonderp To be fair, double anything are extremely rare, with the chance for the same number on both dice being a 1/400 chance (1/20 x 1/20 if you want the math).
  • The chances of rolling any specific double is 1/400, yes. But the chances of just rolling any double on the d20 is 1/20. Like imagine if you roll a 6 on the first dice. the other dice has a 1/20 chance of rolling a 6. That 6 could be any number, the other dice just had to roll the same as the first one @IronLegionSoldier ;
  • @LexderMob What is wrong with the gauntlets? 
  • @LexderMob if your going to ping me to say theres an error, say what it is dude.
  • @Whightknight16 lol okay then when your game master remove it from the deck. Rolling 2 1s is such a rare feet that if it happend at your table you would be excited to know it counts as a critical success. Your hot take on this is an over reaction.
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    @Rob ; they all say the same thing. that you have to be a skilled ice and earth mage, even do they all are gauntlets of different elements, don't think you where planning to have four identical items. you had to be skilled in different elements depending on the gauntlet in s3. not just ice and earth. elementalmagegauntlet3 as you see on this card it is written ice and earth on the card but the elemental spell gems on the right is fire and dark not ice and earth. 
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    @LexderMob There will probably be only one in the printed version to save cards. But yes, it would make sense to make gauntlets the same elements as the elements it requires to be skilled in. @Rob does it add to the skill or does it only come from the spells?
    Just want to be more specific, with the "ice" element on the gauntlets, do you need 4 parts to be skilled extra or 3+1(from the gauntlets).
  • @LexderMob This is exactly how they worked in S3.
  • It’s just a small error: every Gauntlets say that they require you to be skilled in Earth & Ice even the ones that have different elemental gems.
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    @Rob I was reading through the cards and on Aetherial Form, the font wasn't changed in the once per combat section aetherialform like the other cards

    Edit; I haven't been on the forums in a while so I didn't see the closed typo thread and that you didn't want too many notes on spelling and font

  • @Stuart ;

    @erock1118 ;

    I'm not interested in the errors of cards being pointed out my dudes. When I want some help finding typos, i'll ask. But when everyone feels it necessary to point out single errors in the 2000 cards we have, I never get shit done and it makes me not come to these forums anymore to avoid these types of comments. It's annoying to know you have an error on a card and it's a compulsion of mine to fix it, aka telling me errors when i know their are hundreds of changes left to do anyway, just annoys me and doesn't really help.
  • I’m just clarifying LexderMobs comments as people seemed to be confused by them. @Rob
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    Gotta say when looking through the weapon deck, these two weapons seem a little op. Dealing 99 damage if you combo correctly with another player and healing at most 250 health every combat.
  • One thing I wonder about is the Weapons with the Shield gems. Is there a specific purpose to the shield gem? Like that it can only be put in the third Weapon slot (the one where you'd also put shields)?
  • @Sonderp IIRC this came up during Saturday's DeadRealms. Weapons with shield gem (like Roamin's halberd) are only supposed to go in the shield slot.
  • Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I wasn't there for the whole campaign live and I hadn't gotten to that part yet on the YT vods @BegbertBiggs
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