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Fate Worse then Death Idea

Sorry if this is not the correct place for this discussion but I have kind of a new theory (at least new to me) on what the 'fate worse then death' could be.

I'm re-watching Lyn Azveltara Gaiden and Lyn receives the 'Mark of the Old Gods' and was told that if she fails a Death Roll she will forever hear the voice of Spiff. This got me into thinking that maybe the 'Fate worse then Death' would be the characters all begin to realize that they are not real. That there is no death because they were never really alive in the first place.

Whats worse then death? To me, knowing that death isn't even a thing. That life doesn't mean anything, that nothing you have done in your 'life' has had any real meaning because you are nothing more then a story someone else has made up and you have no control over your own actions.

if this has been brought up before, then could someone post the link to the discussion because I would love to hear what others have thought about on this.


  • Not a bad idea, the biggest problem is we already have characters like that, Malestrom is a prime example, Galen as well. This is meant to be something beyond that, it could be possible they can hear the players talk, that might be something
  • My theory was a fate worse than death was being reborn as someone awful, and watching as your own body is being used to cause all kinds of untold misery and death. See Philhipe (Band of Thieves) potentially being reborn into Maelstrom.

    But now, I have no idea.
  • What if you found out that your entire existence was just a story and you were controlled by something else just for entertainment reasons. You know the entire history of your universe and that everyone and everything you love is a lie. There is nothing that you can do about it because you are ultimately controlled by something else purely for entertainment purposes.

    Maybe they become the god killer, where the only option they believe they would have is to rebel against whatever they can and try and end the story.
  • my guess has always been that the person's body would be the core of the old-god divine.

    basically Someone took that person's body, twisted it, re-shaped it, changed it, probably even while she was still alive, warped her mind, and made something entirely new out of it.
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