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New Player Looking for Party

Hi, so I've never played urealms, but I've seen every campaign and really would like to try


  • Well Greyson, we aren't a specific group but the discord server Urealms Unified is always open to new members. We've got games going all the time and a lot of experienced GMs and Players who can help you out. 

    If you're interested here is the link to the discord
  • To comment on what Shepard said Urealms Unified will most likely be seeing a lot more activety once Season 4 rolls around, that's not to say it's dead as is but most people are holding off creating new campaigns for now.
  • Luckily, Season 4 is supposedly not too far away. End of this month I believe.
  • Deadrealms is this month but Rob said it might use the S4 mod. The show starts back up in July, other than that we don't know any other date the mod could be released.
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