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Urealms Parody of Mulans I'll Make a Man Out of You

Link to the recording:

Did you ever wonder what it would like if Bopen the Skeleton King, Gwenyth Sunsword and Kain got otgether for an open mike night. No... well too bad...

Easily one of my lower quality creations but for whatever reason I Mulan was on in the background and I confess I thought what would this song be like if Bopen sang it (which I think way too often) and then I wondered what it would be like if Gwenyth sang it... and thats you got stuck with this. 

Disclaimer I know I'm out of time, its badly recorded and I have no chance of doing Gwenyths voice etc but I think if you endure the first two Gwenyth verses it does get better and I felt it wouldn't do it justice to just post lyrics. I would love to go back one day and create it properly. 

With all the disclaimers out of the way thank you to anyone who is willing to listen or read. Hope you enjoy :)


Gwenyth: Let's get down to business, to defeat the thralls
Soon you will all slaughter, as you guard our walls
You’re the strangest bunch I ever met
But before this war is through 
Yes, I’ll make a paladin out of you. 

Like tree’s within a forest but soulless within
Now we can go find them, we are sure to win
They’re all spine, a pale, pathetic lot
And we know what they do 
Watch they don’t make a thrall out of you.

Kain: (Wait wait wait pass that)
Oh my god I can’t catch my breath
I’m a skellington does that mean he eatsed me
Wait Should that skellington be cutting him 
Whys his guy not scared to death
Whoa I can see right through me
Now I really wish that I knew how to swim
Give that here 

Bopen: Give that hear
We fix a world that has become divided 
Be ageless
With all the force of an ageless God
Be ageless
What am I have you decided 
An Unkillable, immortal ageless god 

Gwenyth: (oh give that back)
Stand strong now as the spiders will soon arrive
Heed my every order and you might survive
Awakened now with my rage for war
So pack up, go home, you're through
Skeleton king I’ll make ash out of you

For I’m A paladin
We have faith the light will be our eye
A paladin
Guiding others to do whats right
Grand Paladin
Had to watch my father loose his head then die
Undeniably that anger is my might

Bopen: Be ageless
Your pain is meaningless in an immortal form
Gwenyth: A paladin
Our healing light will bring about something new
Kain: Be in a barrel
Then I can eats you as then its ok to eats you
I loves eating people yes its true


  • That's really good man! I enjoyed listening to that. I love the original song and then having a URealms parody makes it even better.
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