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I haven't watched the show in a while but I always have loved rob's work, so I got a tattoo!

I've been a fan of rob and co's work since the beginning of DvZ, so I always knew I was going to get some sort of tattoo about one of rob's projects. Then URealms came out, and it introduced me to worldbuilding and tabletop games at the same time. So for a while I've always wanted to get a tattoo of a Sin of the Unforgotten, because a couple years ago I attempted suicide and survived, so I always felt like I cheated death. So anyway I thought I'd show y'all! (Also because I heard when I watched a stream recently is that you get to be in the Order of Chaos if you ever got a tattoo of the symbol)

I know people could say that it's just some custom temporary tattoo that I ordered, but unfortunately didn't film myself getting it. But the tattoo artist that did it has it on their instagram, so maybe that's enough proof.


  • Damn, if anyone deserves to be in the OoC, it's someone who literally cheated death lol. Glad you're with us :heart: I think you're the first person I've seen to use the Sin reference pic with the cracks in it, as well, so that's cool
    Also, I took a look at the artist's insta, and TIL that vegan tattoos are a thing  For any1 not in the know, looks like regular tattoo ink has glycerin, bone char, and other animal byproducts
  • @PoppyrusRose Right? I had no idea either. Then I meet this lady and was like "fuck it guess im vegan"
  • Very cool man! Looks great! Hope things are better for you these days, glad you're here :D
  • @Meganzoor Thanks Megan! It's good to be here.
  • Wicked dude!
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