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A very important thread.

Goblins? Please?! I need my favorite race to be apart of the wonderful story of urealms. 


  • We’re apparently gonna get goblin lore in season 5 I believe if what was said in the OGD CC was true
  • I'd be so happy for a URealms official Goblin and Beenu race card, and to have them become more staple characters of the universe. Here's hoping our Old God Divines can make something happen :)
  • Rob
    edited May 31
    Can't have goblin lore till you have other lore cause it wouldn't make sense. Can't have Goblins in regular campaigns as lorewise we made it apparently that they were essentially "animals" to other races and it wouldn't make sense to keep having goblin characters in shows.
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    Understandable @Rob, but is there any chance we could at least have an official race card for goblins this season? I know some of my players really missed the ability to play them in seasons 1 and 2. But if it's too much work and might delay things then I completely understand.
  • @Zerxrez I created an unofficial Goblin and Beenu race card balanced and flavorful for season 3 you can have. They may still be okay for season 4.
  • @Cloud Thanks man that'd be really awesome of you, my group's probably gonna run one or two more s3's so it'll be perfect.
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