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Tile Based RPG {You can Help!} [Closed]

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Recently i have started working on creating a game that was first intended to work exactly like D&D. But recently i figured that it might be easier to start with a simpler system(Like URealms) I figured i could ask for some tips and tricks for it.
[I'm well aware the table top mod is coming, And will be much greater than my project.]
Like our great and ever loving overlord this is a passion project, meant to help me get experience and make some new friends.
I am using Unity for this project. I used quill18 Civilization/Dungeon Tile Movement & Path understand some of the basics


  • Cool, got a discord server for this (Or something along the lines of that).
  • This sounds interesting. Id be willing to help out any way i can
  • I would also like to lend assistance if I can
  • edited July 2019
    just made a discord server.
    Now with a better cooler link that wont expire
    This post has been closed and the discord server has closed
  • Now with the server we can discuss more there. Mostly looking for help filling some of my coding knowledge, and if your up for it art for tiles and otherwise.
  • @Zarekan the link is set to expire btw so no one new can join.
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