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A couple of questions about Season 4 limiteds/anytimes

1. Can you use a regular action to use your limited abilities? 

ex) Casting Pyroblast or Buckle Buddy with a regular action?

2. Can you use regular abilities as anytimes?

ex) Casting Lunge or Charge as an anytime.

I assume this to be yes because of the existence of counterspell.


  • 2. You definitely can, 1. you probably can't. There are too many abilities that would be completely broken if you could cast them every round and since there is no difference between anytime abilities and limited abilities it wouldn't work. 
  • 1. No. The Anytime gem represents that it is an Anytime Ability.

    2. Yes. Anytime abilities can still be any other ability.
  • Cool, thanks.
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