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Fire Emblem short dingus adventure (Xii: 6/6)

Okay so uhh i'm planning on dicking around this time and I need some morons to play one of my Fiyah Embull levels. It'll be like, really good I promise. I made the system like uhh 38%(idk) better than last time so it's totally good and will definitely not cause like a million problemos. By the way, I got like 3 new classes because people were complaining that they couldn't be a Soldier or Myrmidon, so there.
Classes Page
Help Page
Players Page
What I need from y'all is a cool, promoted class. Honestly, I don't even need your backstory because all we're gonna do, is jump into a level with tough enemies. Just pick your Initial Class, then pick the Promoted Class that you're gonna be. (Prerequisite classes are in the parentheses on the classes page.)
Hair Color:
These are the Boons and Banes. You can increase the first 8 stats(see help) by choosing them as a Boon, but with a Boon must come a Bane. This is optional.
: Increases a Stat by 4.
Boon: Increases a Stat by 2.
Bane: Decreases a Stat by 2.
Superbane: Decreases a Stat by 4.

After that, i'm gonna ramp up your levels so that they're maxed and give you a bunch of S-Rank gear and cool stuff. You don't get any Supports by the way because that's too much effort for me at the moment.

I don't have a specific character limit at the moment.


  • I did like your Fire Emblem stuff (when everyone had an impact rather than one person basically commanding everyone that is.), so i'll help ya with this and join in.

    Name: Oliver McDaugur
    Class: Paladin (Cavalier)
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color: Red/Ginger

    Boons & Banes
    S.Bo: Str +4
    Bo: Def +2
    Ba: Res -2
    S.Ba: Mag -4
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    Name: Seras Spellblade
    Class: Dark Mage
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Black 
    Boon: Luck
    Bane: Strength 
    Superbane:  Defense
  • @Razgrey
    aw shit here we go again.
    Name:poppy locks
    Class:Dark mage(mage knight)
    Hair Color:pink

    boons and bane's spd
    S.Ba: Res
  • @Pufflemore
    Ya also need ta pick what class Dark Mage promotes into.
  • @Razgrey mage knight (and yes this character if a refence to my last one)
  • @Razgrey
    Hmmm, hey can switch my classes around from dark mage to mage and promote myself to strategist 
  • (It could be interesting if at a later point, having draconoids be a thing could be neat for close/multi-range magic, but I suppose that's what Gemstones are in the place of, isn't it.)
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    Oh one more thing. As part of our updates, Paladins are able to wield a second weapon type: Swords, Axes, or Bows.
    So you can take one of these.
  • @Razgrey
    Ooh, neat.

    Spears are typically Melee, but have a possibility for Javelins to cover their range. As such, feasibly any of the weapons could work.

    Bows could be a little more useful to fully cover countering, as then Javelins are not needed, and instead be covered with the range of bows.

    Swords would allow for covering the damage disadvantage that it would have vs Axes, and thus with careful weapon switching can work to virtually avoid any situation of being at a disadvantage.

    Axes would help cover against other spears, however is less useful than swords could be.

    I would go with either the Bow or the Sword, depending on if the Paladin thematically is a mixed-range fighter or primarily melee.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Make up your mind, soon... Because I'm kinda setting up your inventory here.
  • @Razgrey
    Alright, go with the sword.

    I didn't know which you looked for thematically, so I had sorta left it in a way you could decide, but meh.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Pufflemore @Loreteck ;
    Okay dudes here's your inventory and somesuch. There are several powerful weapons in storage waiting for you if you want to try them out, as well as some Passive equipment, and Stat boosters.
    Just remember that your primary weapon is S-Rank, and your secondary weapon is only an A-Rank.

    And with that, i'll go constructing a map. Maybe.
  • A lot of variety there in the items. Also, we're a Cavalry unit now.

    We'll wanna talk potential strategy here for what we wanna do, @Loreteck + @Pufflemore, as if we can collaborate with our items, we can be even stronger.

    For example, I get benefits from being above 80% Health (46+ Health), so potential tanking synergy can be made using my higher health and double-counterattack while above the health threshold, and getting healed back up to retain the benefit.

    Think about what you wanna do with your build and we can talk it over.

  • By the way, there's no stat caps here because I was too lazy to go look for them.
  • @Razgrey
    Okay I wanna replace my elixir with warp and my rexkiller with a daster, because my strength is to low to use any other effect.
  • I'm thinking i'll replace my Spear with Levanter, for a way to do magic damage should it be beneficial, and then wait to see what the others wish to do about the passives and consumables.
  • @Razgrey
    Oh and I will eat the ice cream, apple and strawberry.and I should be good.
  • edited May 2019
    @Loreteck @Razgrey ;
    Or how about we discuss the consumables as a team first and see about what we want to do instead of trying to act independently in a team-game.
  • I busy, since I going to leave my house in 10 minutes, so can't really anything at the moment as of now so just putting out there.
  • @Loreteck
    With the three you said, there's some things I want to point out:

    • Ice Cream will only help you on half of your kit. Mag works towards a further range for your heal (though doesn't pass a threshold) and the damage with your one staff, while Str improves your dagger damage. However it doesn't cover both. It is debatable whether this could be more useful on a character where it only uses one for the benefit.
    • Apple is part-dependent on how you'll handle positioning. You're better suited for handling magic damage, whereas I can better handle physical. Depending on how we position ourselves will depend on how useful these stat boosts may end up being.
    • Strawberry... yeah, that's fair enough, you've got the lowest health and it could help you survive an attack if we end up with a little mispositioning.
  • @Loreteck @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Is that all?

    Yo buddy, still alive?
  • @Razgrey
    For the moment, until the three of us can organize the consumables.

    I'm thinking about taking the shield/happy guard.
    As for consumables, I might take the Apple, the Buddy Ring, and maybe one or two others. But this is dependent on how the three of us want to do things.
  • @Razgrey @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    yes and like always I am not sure what to do
  • @Pufflemore
    Well, consider what sort of role you'll be taking on, and sort out your weapons to give yourself a couple of options when you go against a foe.

    Then consider what stats you'd wanna improve to help with it, and say here for me and lore to consider and say yes or no for it.

    We'll go from there.
  • edited May 2019
    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Pufflemore
    I'm not sure the buddy ring will do a thing for you considering how high your con is, but am the moment I really don't give a f-

    [We'll be right back]
    Poppy probably won't need it, because his speed is so high. Seras on the other hand may be a better choice, since I absentmindedly handed him two very heavy tomes.
  • @Razgrey
    That's the thing, I'd only get a minor benefit on the Tempest Sword, so I would benefit in a way, but really one of the other two would benefit more.

    I'd probably say Puffle would be the better call, as while higher than Lore's 7, he'll be more likely to be dealing damage and has the 20WT Bolting to contend with. But Lore and Puffle can contest that if they feel otherwise.
  • I'll post the map soon which might help out with making some choices here. There are a few other things I want to let you know about before I head to sleep.

    Since I added a bunch of weapons really quickly I overlooked some of them, and there are now a few better choices available. The Tempest Blade, for example, is probably not going to do you any favors with its low hit and heavy weight.
    It's pretty damn inaccurate, and I'm pretty sure that the Spear will outperform it, even with Weapon-triangle-disadvantage.

    I'll help you out here, and optimize your inventory so you have plenty of weapon choices in combat. You will focus on magic for this map, so I'll replace your mythril sword with a Levin Sword and add an Onyx as well. You will probably have the most benefit from the Buddy Ring compared to everyone else.
    I tried to make everything easier to figure out and have as little math as possible, so the only thing you have to be careful about is how heavy your tomes are when there are nearby enemies.
  • idk fire emblem very well but i will try

    class: dark knight
    name: Bruce Bildilwalk
    gender: male
    hair color: black

    sboon: magic
    boon: strength
    bane: defense
    s.bane: luck

  • @Revoltman
    You mean the Sage, which has the Dark Knight passive, or the Dark Knight from Fates, which is probably the Mage Knight?
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