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is there a campaign this weekend?

correct me if I'm wrong I thought the first campaign of this season was this month/weekend. Since in the April update rob said the next season starts next month and the campaigns are generally the last weekend of a month. didn't see a campaign video or character creation on robs channel. I'm assuming it's not but i wanted to ask in off topic just in case because I don't wanna miss it.



  • @LuckyStrike Nope; instead, tomorrow Rob is going to go in depth into Season 4 (similar to these two videos).
  • There is supposed to be a Dead Realms in June with URealms season 4 hopefully starting in July.
  • Shows are always on the last SATURDAY of the month. The show was yesterday. There was a Season 4 Launch Party where Rob talked about upcoming changes to Season 4, a stand alone URealms/Puppet Pals program that Nisovin has in the works and also the new Patreon for all the tabletop maps.

    The next show will be on the last Saturday of June (Dead Realms) and the next one will be on the last Saturday of July (Season 4 Campaign 1)
  • I'm bad at news updates guys. Haha i'm sorry!
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