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The small things

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What are your favorite small features about this fancy new site?
Mine is the fact that Rob put ads BEHIND the ads on the front page. It's a very funny and neat touch. I had completely forgotten I even HAD AdBlock on (it doesnt work half the time anyway but it blocks viruses on bad websites). Being reminded by being told my ad block was no match for the power of Phineas's/Rob's t-shirts was quite entertaining. Also it reminded me to turn off my blocker for this site.

(Cough I actually like the hidden ad revealed by the ad blocker than I do the normal ad cough)


  • Oh wait the ad wasnt hidden and revealed by my blocker, it was just one of a cycle. OH WELL! I still like that that specific ad exists.
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    lol, I was confused for a second as I wen't and checked the home page with Ublock turned on, and didn't see anything different.

    For me, while it's certainly not a small feature, the ability to link to cards and characters with a special URL and have it appear on hover is pretty cool and unique.
  • i like that the website shows more of the characters then it use to.
    and the link to the music, i also like
  • I don't know if is is a small feature, but I like the forum games section.
  • I really like the fact that you can create custom characters and cards, and then link them straight to the forums without needing to use an outside site like Imgur. Then they even show up in previews, which makes it a lot nicer when reading things other people have made.
  • The Phineas/Professor explanations are glorious.
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