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My Thoughts on URealms Season 3

Hey everyone, Empo here!

As Season 4 draws closer and closer, with the first campaign starting in just over a month, I decided to take a dive back into Season 3 of URealms. In this thread I'm going to list what I liked and what I didn't really like during the season, kind of like a Review. Now by no means is this a thread where I'm going to rag incessantly on URealms and the work that Rob is putting together, I am a massive fan of URealms and I just wanted to list things that I loved in Season 3 and things that I didn't like as much.

As always this is open to discussion. If you think one of my points is invalid, please, feel free to discuss it with me. I'm willing to look at things again. Now lets start with the things that I liked about the season.
  • Divine Decisions: One of the best introductions into Season 3 was the concept of Divine Decisions. As a person who loves when shows interact with fans, giving the audience the power to affect the story is awesome and I love it. It's super innovative and not a lot of shows are doing it at the moment, which I think once URealms is over, that won't be the case. This also applies to the Order of Chaos, which allows more audience influence into the realm and adds an interesting dynamic between fans.
  • The Animations / Art / Merch: By god the animations were the best yet. Every week, Six, Megan and Lily were topping themselves every week with the animations, the maps, puppet assets and merch. I'm looking forward to what the team is cooking up for Season 4. Six, Megan and Lily, if y'all are reading this, you killed it this season.
  • The Meta Element: In Season 3, the meta element played a heavy effect in the story, with multiple characters like Maelstrom, Sallazhar, Douglass and the Order of Chaos all having some kind of meta knowledge. I love this. Similar to the fan interaction, I love when shows get meta. So this is another plus from me.
  • The Elven Focus: This season had a heavy focus on the Elven race. The Elves are by far my favorite race in URealms because of this. We saw their rise, their fall and the little bits and pieces of the Elven Families. This leads into my next point.
  • The Amount of Lore: As one of the Wikibois, it's obvious that I'm heavy into the lore of this show. And by god did this season have lore. Elven Families, Characters, Organizations, Locations, Events, Deaths, this season was full of em'!
  • The Combat: Season 3 is a cornerstone in the development of URealms as a game. I feel like the game is in it's final "form" in terms of base design. Other than minor things like statuses / companions / more cards, I think this is the final time URealms will be revamped. Combat felt really smooth this season. Not all the combats turned into a slog like past seasons have. Overall, I'm excited for the changes to Season 4.
  • The Cast: With the introduction of Spiff this season, the cast grew. I felt like the cast really bonded this season and really fit together. The crew felt natural and it seems like they had a fun time too.
  • Specific Campaigns: This season had really strong campaigns. While they fail to surpass the second half of Season 2 (in my opinion), I think in order; The Grand Paladin Order, The Purge, The Sandbolds, The Last Bennu and the Lightbeards were all the strongest campaigns of Season 3. They were each cinematic in their own right, and each felt like they really went well. Not to say that the other 5 didn't fit in, but, these 5 really shone to me.

Now, the part I'm probably going to get the most flak for, the main issue that I didn't really enjoy about this season.
  • Season 3's Main Plot: Now, contradicting to the point about the Elven focus, I wasn't really a fan that every campaign was tied to a cast of four or five characters (these characters being Gwyneth, Virgo, Bruce, Bopen or Maelstrom) or being tied the Living v. Ageless war. As someone who watched Season 1 and 2, I really enjoyed the campaigns that had no tie to the Lore, like most of season one, Okagnoma Guild Hall, Murder Bros - Buckeroos and the Unexpected Discovery - Den of Devils campaigns. To me, it just felt like this kind of seeped away from the uniqueness of the campaigns when they're all linearly tied to this singular plot instead of each having their own subplots and then. Note: I'm not ragging on Rob for creating a master plot, every GM should and I like what he's setting up for the final. What I didn't like is the fact that almost every campaign is tied to the Living v. Ageless War.
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