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Okay i see what is going to happen in season 4

With Season 4  bringing the fun attribute to porc's that allows them to have two random companion abilities as passives, it already brings a fun story to life. But there is one creature that makes some porc immortal during the death of magic era ( aka when our tree divine will arrive). When a porc get the gorgons card, it gets the passive to be immune to all non-magical attacks. So during season 4, if you have a porc that has this passive, they are basically immortal. Of course, we don't know the details yet about the death of magic, but it promises to be quite an interesting season.


  • @Spacewalker
    well the gorgon power of being ethereal is surely also magical so the would also have their ‘immortality’ turned off right?
  • err non-magical attacks aka they are hurt by magic. they aren't immortal.
  • shh no one tell Rawb about The Great Silence
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