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Help me with map ideas

edited May 2019 in Custom Maps
Ive always wanted to take a crack at making a custom map. I'm having a blast drawing little details and stuff. But i'm a bit unsure on how to continue with it. I know that id like a forest. And also that its a strange forest with landmarks. And that there is also probably some tribal inhabitants there. The idea for this map would be a sorta invasion or military expedition through the forest. Atleast that's what i'm thinking rn.
This thread is if anybody has any interesting ideas for weird magical stuff that i could have in the forest. Also if anybody has any criticisms (Tho this map is of course a work in progress) 

(Just in case ill put the whole license thing. Tho i would argue that you probably won't wanna use such an unfinished thing)
"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


  • You could add a tribe of gnolls living at the river, just having a few huts they live within.
  • Perhaps a ford to cross the river?
  • Hmmm, maybe another fort on the other side. ( if you want to make a two fort map )
  • Maybe a society of underground robots?
  • @Murlin22 ; I guess thats an option. Though it would be alot more wooden and primitive if i'm keeping with the theme

    @BegbertBiggs That is also a good idea. What would it be made out of tho?

    @JackOfTheFlames Oh i already know who is gonna be living here. But maybe some Gnolls couldn't hurt
  • @Kingedyou ; High five for the reference nobody will get
  • Progress report.
    Ive decided to darken the map in order to give it a more mysterious forest feel. I plan to light up the places with cool shit on it. Added some more trees. Tho i plan to add alot more. Also started with making a road plan. Will probably be altered. Also drew in an obelisk style monument. Wonder what spooky shit might be happening there. Feedback is appreciated. Also ideas for where to put stuff 
  • Maybe add a porc tribal camp to the right of the river. I like the idea of boar porcs being a tribal version to the porc race. In the case of a military expedition, it would be interesting to see how a war tribe and a small military force interact.
  • My suggestion is to add some more trees in the North West corner and some ripples in the river
  • @TheWizard ; I might just leave it ambiguous so people can put whatever they want as the tribe. I personally don't have porcs in my world
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