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Spreadsheet for total URealms watch time!

Hey! I'm currently maintaining a spreadsheet that's keeping track of the total watch time for URealms content.

You can check it out here.

As it currently stands (pre-season 4 reveal), it will currently take just over 2 weeks of non-stop watching to watch every bit of URealms content on Rob's channel. If you only watch the main seasons, it'll take you almost 11 days.

If I missed any (and I mean ANY) URealms content on Rob's channel, please let me know so I can add it to the sheet.



  • I assume teasers don't count as "Other Content"? lol
    I didn't watch AzZ--hadn't expected it to be the only campaign besides Gobos of Pat to breach 10 hours, but then..looking at the encounters..
    I assume Fighting Power 8 was a good deal better than the Paladin Arena, yeah? :peace: 
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    @PoppyrusRose I included teasers in the main pages for each season before I added an "other content" page lol. Might end up moving those onto that page at some point, but those teasers are useful to watch (imo) if you want to binge a campaign.

    And yea, AzZ breaching 10 hours was surprising to me as well, especially when you see that fighting power took up almost half of that
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    Very cool and way more accurate than my own spreadsheet. But I can contribute with a chart:
    (counting only episodes, no CC)
  • Hee, so they are! my fault for focusing too much on the bigger picture that is those sizeable time chunks listed together lmao
    And hey, I don't say it often enough considering your bot reminding me of my daily roll more times than I can count--I appreciate the time + effort you put into, well, putting things together!
  • @BegbertBiggs Awesome! Do you mind if I add a chart of my own to the doc? I don't wanna steal someone else's idea without asking first :evilsmile: lol

    @PoppyrusRose thanks man :heart:
  • @Bigfoot ; No dude go ahead! I bet there's also a lot more cool stuff to be visualised.
  • @BegbertBiggs Thanks! I'll update this thread when it's done :)
  • Added basic charts for seasons 1-4 and Dead Realms in a new page on the sheet. Direct link to the page here.
  • I got a video that compresses those 11 days into like 30 mins and 10 mins of that is just the ending animations from last season.
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    @Rob awesome, can't wait! :) excited to see how all the campaigns fit together
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