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Heyo, I was wondering if we know anything about when the next actual show is gonna be streaming. I know there's a launch party livestream the 25th of May, but my highschool prom is the next Saturday and I don't care to go to that if there's gonna be a Show. I was hopeful we would know by this Friday as that's when tickets are no longer for sale, and if I don't care to go I'm definitely not spending $35 on a prom ticket :angry: I understand if it's not planned or if we just don't know though, life is tough like that :P 


  • It's just a show for the launch of the Season Four ruleset. The actual Campaign One is in June if I' not mistaken, so you're completely free to go to your Prom. 
  • The first campaign of Season 4 can be expected on the last Saturday of June, as far as I am aware.
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    @Meben Campaign 1 of S4 is not this month. It will be in June. URealms and Dead Realms shows are on the last Saturday of the month. For the dates on other upcoming shows you can also check here!
  • Thanks a bunch! Glad to know I can go to prom without worrying about missing Urealms (even if I don't have a date :P). Of course I'm still gonna miss the first show because of my graduation ceremony (not quite so optional that one). Oh well!
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