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Friend's account problems

edited May 2019 in Help Desk
Hey, I know that Rein had this problem with one of his friends, but I'm still wondering what can be done about it. I've been trying to get a friend to join the rp forums, but after I had convinced him to join, that 24 hours lock stopped him from post anywhere but the general. After a few months of waiting for their account to activate, they gave up on the forums; however, the same story just happened with another friend I got to join. I was wondering if there was any way to help them get access or not.


  • I see this problem all the time, but honestly IDK what causes it because the users who have it usually give up before figuring out what the problem is. I'd wadger it's adblock or something which is safe to disable cause we don't run ads on this website (except for the goofy ones that promote our stuff as img links on the front page).
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