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Tower of Ultimate Weekend (Season 3 send-off campaign event)

For the second year running on Urealms Unified, the Tower of Ultimate Weekend Event is upon us, starting the 17th. In this event, all players are Believers made from diaries or logbooks, written by people who were just about to go into or was already within the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, and are now used as test dummies for different floors. 

Throughout this week you can join Character Creations held by the Event GMs to create your character, that you then can use in any Event campaign. Keep in mind that you might not end up playing with the people you did CC with, to don't use all your gold to help and fit the others you do CC with. Your Inventory will also always start of in a Campaign as it were at the end of CC, you will not save anything between campaigns. 

And for people that are not Event GMs but wish to GM campaigns in this style, you are completely free to do so. You will not be able to help with CCs for the event itself, but you may refer to the character list channel to make sure your players use the characters they created for the Event.

 If you wanna join us for this second year of Tower of Ultimate Weekend and send of Season 3 with a bang, make sure to join our Discord ( )!
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