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The order of chaos???

I've been out of the loop for a little bit I'm caught up on the campaigns but I don't really know what the deal is with the order of chaos. Can someone catch me up?


  • Each person who has been randomly selected as a divine decision decider is added to a special part of the forums, whatever they post there can be seen/heard/interpreted by certain characters in the show that are also part of the order of chaos. The members in-universe are Galen, Maelstrom, Sallazhar and Douglas(maybe also Ghostblade). These characters are also aware that there are in a story created by people they call the old gods, which includes fans. The most recent campaign was all of us creating a god/avatar to have a more direct impact on the world.
  • @ThePirate @Nerva77 ;
    In addition to the character who can hear divine decision winners posts on "The Order of Chaos" section of the forums, it is hinted that Nader and Our'oras can also hear them. I say hinted, because these are characters who we haven't seen were given a sin by us, but have either interacted with the Old gods (Nader's Unforgotten Tales) or was greeted by Rawb (Nader + Our'oras+ Maelstrom [Before we actually gave him a sin] In the Order of Chaos announcement thread)

    And Lola + Lunk, since they have Sins of the Unforgotten
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    There also seems to be a counter movement created by other members of the community called "the Order of Order." (as seen here:

     They are trying to organize and oppose the chaos of the Order of Chaos. Meanwhile, I just want to fill Galen's head with fabulous tunes. 
  • you can identify us easily because we're the cool ones

  • @Totenalle that’s just a joke
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