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Dwarves and kobolds - how much do they hate each other?

How much do dwarves hate kobolds, since we really haven't seen much of it in action? Do they just distrust each other, or do dwarves exterminate kobolds on sight, kind of like elves and goblins?
Also, i know that Rob said Tania Grayson's killing spree would have an effect on kobolds in the GPO. Were kobolds actually banned from The Grand Paladin Order? Or was that just something Rob mentioned as a possibility?


  • Who knows, Tania actually did basically no damage to the GPO in retrospect, the spiders and heck even Vitali’s grandson did more damage. ( He shot a massive beam of light magic cutting the outpost in half ) And I’m sure if a proper investigation *plays Galen Sunsword theme* was carried out they would find out why she really did it.
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    I think the reason behind the rivalry between Dwarves and Kobolds is because Dvergs are made of rocks which is what Kobolds eat the most.

    From what I've played in campaigns, you shouldn't be forced to play a character that hates the other race just because you're one of them. Because realistically, the reason I gave probably makes sense, but it's still a pretty silly reason unless Kobolds eating live Dvergs is a common occurance in the world
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    There can be many reasons for mutual hatred from both sides, The fact Kobold's eat rocks and gems, and the Dwarves mine rocks and gems. It may just come down to a Resource dispute that sparked years of hatred and unrest between the races.
    Take example to the Kobold from Band of Thieves, that entire segment when he recognizes Dwarf #3, Talking about how he suspects the Dwarf is there to mine all his gems, it lead to immediate conflict of guarding his food.
    I will post a fan made highlight animation of the segment to show the difference between how Kobolds react to Keens/Gnomes & Dwarves.

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