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The 2nd great levelup starts today!

Everyone who's yet to buy an avatar; what 10,000 are you aiming for? My sight is set on my favorite character; Gwenyth Sunsword.


  • Meh, I don't really like any of the 6,000-10,000 gold avatars. Personally, I'm aiming for Borracho or Orvan Weiss. 
    Not that I'm complaining. That means I have to grind a lot less for my avatar :peace: 
  • 30 XP off :wtfbold: 
  • I'm at about 2,200 gold right now I'm Savin for trandon. other wise I would take a Patrick cake if I could.
  • Meh, im not interested in them much. Except maybe Maelstrom, because he's cool I guess.
    But I want Philhipe.
  • I don't see one that I really want yet. I'm just gonna save and save hoping rawb adds more.
  • I could buy a 6k thanks to the #NoTricks deal but I do want a 10k. I'm not sure really.
  • It's too hard for me to choose an avatar! I'll probably be stuck as Jimmy the Porc forever.
  • I'm at about 2,000 gold and I'm saving for Borracho, but Jimmy the Porc is growing on me for no particular reason.
  • I'm going for Jenathorn Barringster, due to the low popularity of her portrait and my general interest of what she would be as a character in urealms.
  • Maelstrom or Orvan. I'm fine being a black boar until that happens.
  • Probibly going to get one of the female avatars next... like Neena, Sophia or something... 
  • Im going for my gnome waifu, Raynel
  • Has anyone calculated out yet how long it will roughly take to get a 10,000 avatar starting now?
  • I'm setting my sights for Porbo next, but with only 1,100 Gold, it's gonna take a couple of weeks.
  • It's roughly 100 gold a day, so a little less than 100 days if you have no gold.
  • @FarloBumblas Nah, its easier then that

    Visiting a gilded thread gives you 5 gold- There's likely around 50 golds worth in them so far. Every day gets you 100+ a roll, which averages at around 10 bonus gold(20s count as 50, but its a very light skew that shouldn't be counted on). Every 10 days, that's a "free" day.

    So, using the average of 110, and assuming enough gilded threads to make it to an even 100 gilded thread gold, it would take 90 days. Rolling a 20 every day would only take you 66 days, while rolling a 1 every day would take you 99.

  • I really like the Elf avatar for now. I feel like a lot of the other avatars like Maelstrom and Phineas will be extremely popular, and I want to be at least a little unique. I got a little less than 6k currently, but Orvan Weiss is looking pretty nice...
  • I think I'll continue to save for a future avatar.
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