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Urealms hot takes?

What are you're controversial/unpopular urealms opinions? Mine are: The Murder Bros are overrated by edgelords, and The Blood Snake Queen is the second worst Urealms campaign.

Edit: Is there a way for me to delete this thread? I realized that this might not be a healthy discussion, even if I didn't mean to make this thread to complain about the show. I don't want to get into trouble.


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    Band of Thieves is overrated just for being the first campaign and the best character in it was Philhipé. c:

    Y'know, on second thoughts, I think this thread isn't very wholesome so ignore this comment. I like all campaigns after all and least favorites are unhealthy.
  • The season 3 finale wasn't that good. The best part was the ending animation. I don't remember anything from the actual campaign. It wasn't bad. But there were overall better campaigns.
  • Season 2 was almost universally better than season 3.
  • There was already a thread like this made once, and it was promptly locked and/or deleted.
  • The Gobo's of Pat was actually pretty good
  • Oh yeah, i guess this thread is kind of too negative. I didn't mean to make this to complain about the show, I was just looking for opinions that most others don't have.
  • @nikiduke yeah i kind of agree, I think my problem with the parts before the ending animation was how everybody kept screwing up in RP, which just made it awkward to watch.

  • @Kingedyou I liked the RP at the beginning of Gobos, but when the combat started it just got unwatchable.
  • Whabout this one - Sandbolds is probably my favorite campaign. :smilebold:
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    @PurpleDynamite ; My biggest problem was that nothing was that exciting during the campaign. The characters were all ok. But also meh. You had Virgo, Bruce, Bruce's wife, Coe being coe (Which is the only part that i can say i loved as always), and Douglass. Half of the cast we're characters we already knew. Which is fine. Just not something i really care for.
  • Companions, even before the Season 4 change, are pretty underrated in my opinion. Sure, they cost 300-500 gold and usually only result in getting a character that would have to take your action from you to use an ability that's often either very mediocre or a limited ability used as a regular action for way too good of an effect. But they do make for a nice extra life, so you can continue playing a campaign, even if your main character dies. There's also a lot of cool story elements you can do with a companion, like make your companion want to betray your other character, or use anytimes to make the companion sacrifice their life for you, rather than just dodging out of the way or interrupting attacks. Speaking of anytimes or actions in general, though; That's also a plus that should come with companions, they should be able to use your actions and even anytimes when you're stunned, in danger or have rolled a 1 without a pearl of hindsight.

    Also, a word of advice, don't do what I do, it's often for the best to make a companion interact with players other than your own, unless your GM is willing to roleplay them for you, but that's sometimes too much to ask for, and shouldn't be done that much anyway, because it's basically just your character talking to another of your character, while the other players are waiting.
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    The campaign of peasants is my least favorite campaign, since all the characters became extremely powerful throughout the show. The donation events shouldn’t have increased their strength.

    Some of the coolest rp and actions come when the players can’t just throw fireballs at their problems, when they have to get creative to win.

  • @PurpleDynamite Now hold up on that whole delete the thread thing.
    We do not have to be nasty to critique the show. Sometimes criticism can help, though I admit in some cases can cause problems and arguments in difference of opinion. I feel like if we all act like adults about this we can all have a civil discussion on some thing we Like and Dislike about the show.
    After all nothing is ever truly perfect.

    Season 3 had its ups and downs for me, I am just not a fan of some of the characters and their stories. I know at least three on my list are considered fan favorites so I will keep them to myself for now just to avoid debates and arguments, maybe at some point in the future I will go into it or most likely speak privately with those who ask.
    Point is though I never found these certain characters plots interesting enough to get invested into and/or had zero sympathy for their plights. I found it also a little hard to get invested in some of the "past" plots, when you already know whats going to happen, but on the other hand it was handled real well and I want to give Rob props for being able to give plot armor to characters and still put some sort of stake in their life.

    At the same time as a writer, I understand where Season 3's focus is. Its all setup for the bigger juicer
    plots in the upcoming seasons, which is fine and I look forward to seeing where it is all going.
    We have all of the Deadlantis plots to still unravel, the Upcoming Ageless War, and a bit more room for extra side stories.

    The Season 3 upsides for me were the addtion other entertaining cast of characters and players, It was a refreshing for Spiff to join in and the frequent visits from Milbee were fantastic at expanding the lore.
    Season 4 is on its way and I am looking forward to it.
    And If anyone asks though my favorite campaign is The Den of Devils, from Season 2.
    I was big fan of the Thrilling adventure, the growing suspense, the heart wrenching story twist and it was great performance by the cast all around on that one.
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  • @friskyBrisky This thread wasn't meant to be a 'voice your complaints about the show' thread. I made this thread to try to hear Urealms opinions i don't normally see. If this just turns into a complain thread, i might get in trouble, so can gou avoid doing that?
  • Hot take.
    Porcs are a bit boring. They serve as comedic relief. But thats about all they are
  • @PurpleDynamite Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as complaining. That was just my opinion on the narrative. I'll remove the post to not kill this thread if you think I need to.
  • @nikiduke Yeah, i agree that porcs are not very interesting. The main thing that confuses me about porcs is that goblins are exterminated on sight, yet porcs aren't? Porcs are just as if not more uncivilized and barbaric than goblins.
  • suppose it's technically a good thing that negative thoughts like this are an "unpopular" thing.
  • The “Stick to the plan” donation event from Den of Devils where Nikers Fontain blocks the dragon fire is one of my favourite donation events. 

    In a campaign where there are so many characters to juggle (which was done really well), this gave Nikers a purpose/development. He was one of the more low key characters this campaign in terms of the role play part but this donation made him more memorable.
  • Here is a really Hot take, the Fire element isn’t as cool as the ice element, it just burns up to quickly if you ask me.

    (bad jokes 101)
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