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The Dark war. Stories of the 11th company (Soldier rp)



  • @Maris ; "Good. What is your name Amalian?" *The Major points at you*
  • @nikiduke "Kamcorde." She says firmly, scaredly more than strongly.
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48
    "Very well then Kamcorde. Come up to me and take my musket. Id like you to try and shoot me" *As the Major says this everybody gets a pale look on their face*
  • @nikiduke "A-Are you sure?" She walks up to grab the mayor's musket.
  • (not gonna be replying for a while so i suggest niki just says what my character does for the rest of this demonstration <3
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    @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 "Of course. Go ahead citizen of the empire. Try and shoot me" *She says looking you straight in the eyes. You feel no hint of fear in her eyes*
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    @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 (Very well Maris)
    Kamcorde is a bit taken aback by this. But obeys the Majors orders. Before she can pull the trigger however the Major ducks underneath. Slides under her legs. Steals the musket from her and slams the back end of the musket on the back of her neck. Causing Kamcorde to fall on the floor. She then steps on Kamcordes tail. And points the musket to her head. Everybody is taken aback by the brutality of it. The Major pulls the trigger. Revealing that the musket wasn't loaded. She then pulls the Amalian air pilot back on her feet "Was i clear in my demonstration? To be fully clear. That last part would result in a quick and efficient death. A worthy sacrifice and a generously swift end as opposed to the alternative of an imperial high security prison"
  • (Correct was I)
  • Brew is very happy he didn’t volunteer but also a little worried that he might have to kill his own countrymen but this hypothetical scenario definitely wouldn’t happen to him.......... right?
  • @nikiduke Kamcorde shivers and nods, holding her tail in pain. "I-I'll try to do just what you just did."
  • @nikiduke
    Again, Blaine is not saying anything
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48
    Everybody else nods frightened. "Excellent. Now! I'm certain that this info will do well to save you. And me. From any unfortunate accidents. Now line up. We don't want our dear empress to wait for us now do we?" *Everybody looks out the window. They all realize that whilst they we're distracted they had arrived at the capital train station.*
  • @nikiduke Kamcorde stands back up and tries to regain her composure.
  • Brew continues to line up as told
  • @nikiduke ;
    Alexander get in line 
  • @nikiduke
    Blaine lines up next to Leon and Ella in (hopefully) in proper position. 
  • @Gushy48 ; (Your acceptance of potential failure pleases me)
    The Major walks over to you and without saying a word  adjusts your posture and steps on your foot
  • @nikiduke
    He quietly groans in pain, trying not to break his posture. His eyes dart over to Leon and Ella, so he can feel a bit at peace.
  • @Gushy48 ; Leon and Ella stand next to you. Leon looks over and whispers "T-the Major is just trying to scare us right?"
  • Ima do a luck roll for the hell of it
  • @Revoltman You happen to stand next to Kamcorde (@Maris) who has ears and a tail... a-almost like a... a... a... CAAAT!
  • @Revoltman @nikiduke Her tail wags and she doesn't notice it.
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 ;
    The train car doors open wide and the 11th company (that's you) Exits following Major Thalia into the train station. The train station is absolutely massive. For many of you. It's the biggest building that you have ever witnessed. Everywhere you look you can see swathes upon tides upon oceans of both regular civilians and soldiers on the platforms beside you. The Major steps up on a box and looks at everybody "Well then! Welcome troops to the glorious and eternal capital of the Fatherland! I'm certain that alot of you might have heard of it in stories and had learned about it during your mandatory education. Some of you might have been so lucky as to travel here. And some of you. Like me. Might have even been born here. It matters not. For we are all here for the same purpose. To defend our glorious Fatherland! And to save every single civilian both within and outside of the capital from an unfortunate demise!"
  • (it begins) we meet again yet another devil now pretending to be someone’s ears does my nemesis come to torment me once again? I should run- NO I cannot run as the major will beat the shit out of you oh what do I do what do I do what is the anecdote to this dilemma of mine? oh no I’ll be stuck with my nemesis for the rest of the parade oh no oh no oh no oh no OH NO brew is visibly sweating breathing faster (but not hyperventilating) his eyes are as open as you can get (if you couldn’t tell that was a inner monologue not spoken aloud)
  • Kamcorde looks at @Revoltman a little weirdly before looking back to the mayor.
  • OH NO OH NO it looked at me it looked at me
  • (im goin to bed)
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 ;;
    The Major Points towards the exit "Forward march! We are to meet with the 13th and the 84th and begin parade preparations!" *The way is clearly blocked by an ocean of people. Knowing the Major. She most likely expects you to utilize what she had just taught you in clearing a way out of the train station
  • Brew is going to nervously push people away for success
  • @Revoltman ; You push people away pretty well. No issues
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