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The Dark war. Stories of the 11th company (Soldier rp)



  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 @Phendrix @Personguy@mlglevimonaghan (I think people have pretty much lost interest in this thread. Which is sad since i had alot planned for it. It's pretty hard to stay motivated with so little interaction on the side of the players. Though i'm beginning to think that its just me handling things poorly. Ill continue the thread for now. But i'm contemplating if its worth it. Lemme know)
    The Empress exits out of the carriage and walks up onto the podium. Up there is one of those fancy Academy inventions some of you think is called a "Microphon or Microphan?"
    The strange doohickey is connected to some sorta large metallic box. It's all quite extraordinary. What does it do? You wonder
    It's all made pretty clear as the empress takes the mic. You can audibly hear her tapping it. It's like a megaphone but less in your face. She readies her voice and straightens up before speaking
    "My loyal subjects! Welcome to the grand bastion city of Yark! More than 2000 years ago! My ancestors founded this city. Situated on the fairest banks of a large and wild river! Back then, Humanity plagued the lands we now know as our own! Our rightful clay in this world of danger and spite! A land that we cleansed of this filth! A land that will forever be! Ours! And only ours!" *The Empress says boldly. Her booming voice and confidence reflect upon all of you.*
  • @nikiduke (it is, just hard to know what to do right now with this parade cause it is just, well. Pradading and not doing anything. We gotta wait for the big lads in charge to say for us to move or do stuff. Like right now, no idea what to say or do)
  • @Toruk ; (Yeah. Tbh i just kinda wanted atleast some responses. Didn't have to be alot. This is kinda a good moment to explore your characters feelings towards the establishment. Id have accepted just replying with your inner thoughts)
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 @Phendrix @Personguy@mlglevimonaghan "HOWEVER!" *She says loudly*
    "Humanity is yet to realize this fact. They are yet to recognize that all that we hold dear. Our lands.
    And dare i say it. THE ENTIRE WORLD! Belongs to us!" *The Empress says with a crooked smile. Whilst this might come off as evil to other races. For the Tinkers this is just a completely logical ideal. The world DOES belong to you. The other races are nothing but big roadblocks to your ultimate destiny as rulers of this world.
    "And now they wish to attack US? They march to our border! Thinking that they are worthy to call themselves our equals! Nay! Our Superiors! I SAY NO!" *The Empresses crown visibly begins to glow purple as she screams out that last 
    "THEY WILL NOT MARCH AND HUNT US LIKE WILD ANIMALS! THEY ARE PIGS! WE ARE THE WOLVES! AND SOON! WE WILL HUNT MY LOYAL PACK! DO YOU HEAR ME HUMANS!? I AM NOT AFRAID! I! AM! THE EMPRESS! I AM THE HUNTER! AND I! WILL! FEAST!" *She slams the mic to the ground in fury as her eyes begin to glow. The soldiers all cheer in thunderous applause*
  • @nikiduke Domenico would excitedly join the applause, not noting the crown glowing. Thinking to himself how true that is, that they are the rulers of the world, be it the seas, the land, or its wealth. And no one would get in their way*
  • Brew think to himself: World domination? I thought this was just a defensive war eh whatever

    brew continues to join in this thunderous aplause
  • @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 @Phendrix @Personguy@mlglevimonaghan The Empress smiles
    "HAHAHAHAHA! SEE NOW MY PACK! AS THE LIGHT OF TAVOS SHINES UPON OUR HOLY CITY! IT IS A SIGN OF HUMANITIES IMMINENT AND UTTER DEFEAT! AND DO NOT FRET! FOR WE ARE NOT ALONE! NOR ARE WE OUTNUMBERED! AND WE WILL CRUSH THE HUMANS! AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! UNTIL THEY BREAK! NOW MARCH!!! MARCH MY STEELED LEGIONS! FOR THE FATHERLAND! FOR YOUR EMPRESS! FOR YOUR HOMES AND LOVED ONES! FOR THE SATISFACTION OF KNOWING THAT YOUR EFFORTS PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF HUMANITIES DEMISE! RISE AND MARCH THROUGH THE STREETS! SHOW YOUR WILL TO YOUR COUNTRYMEN! SHOW THAT YOU ARE STRONG! AND THAT THEY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR NOW AND FOREVER! GO!" *The Empress violently motions forwards. Signalling the beggining of the parade. Your Major and all the other Majors urge you on to march* "You've heard her soldiers! FORWARD MARCH!" *The parade has begun. Thousands of people from all around the empire have traveled to watch you parade around the city. The chance of something not going wrong is 0% like always. It might be useful to keep an eye out for any interference. Everybody roll

  • @nikiduke Rolling is good 
  • @Toruk ; Rolling is indeed good. Domenico gets offered a flower from a crowd by a young maiden. Does he accept?
  • @nikiduke (I do.. but if I do Major gonna kick my ass.... hm)
  • @Toruk ; (Just gotta be super sneaky about it then eh? Hmmmm)
  • edited June 2019
    @nikiduke (Hm. I don't think he would take it. Out of fear of even failing. Even if a young maiden and she looks nice)

    *He would smile briefly at the young maiden but attempts to get around her without taking the flower*
  • @Toruk ; The young maiden pouts and turns her head away "N-not like i wanted to give you the flower anyway" (baka)
  • @nikiduke He continues to walk with the parade, but thinks to himself about how he really wanted that flower, but then remembering that the major, for a kid, would honestly try and kill him for breaking protocol*
  • @Toruk ; You look behind you and see the Major nod at you. It seems that your hunch was proved shockingly right.
  • @nikiduke Domenico would do a *very* subtle nod back but keeps walking like nothing happened*
  • @nikiduke (To the skies as a witch I go?)
  • @Toruk ; (Your witch is flying in formation overhead yes)
  • I guess i'll roll:

    I just haven't been doing anything because it's been one giant railroad right now, and I don't see any reason why I wouldn't act like anyone else in this army, especially with clear mind-manipulation in that crown going on and Brian not exactly having much will to resist.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; Understandable. 

    As you march you hear a few ladies whistle at you.
    It's that "hey there hot stuff" whistle you're not very used to hearing at all
  • @nikiduke
    He proceeds to simply ignore it. He doesn't think anything of himself, so why would anyone else? And considering he's basically going to go off and die, the worry of another person is the last thing he needs.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; You do that. The Major seems pleased as you look over to her
  • @nikiduke Klara would just be flying is formation, saying some prayers to Tavos under her breath*
  • @Toruk ; Your Rival... (whats a good rival name think think think)  Lidia Goosewrench flies by you and pushes you. "Watch yer six Churchgirl!" Roll for keeping balance
  • edited June 2019
    @nikiduke Balance roll 

    "Watch it Lidia! Stay in formation"
  • @Toruk ; You keep your balance despite her push. Lidia scoffs
    "I would stay in formation but i saw you and just had to check your reflexes Klutzy Klara" *Lidia says flying upside down on her broom and sticking her tongue out*
  • edited June 2019
    @nikiduke "Like you even know how to do the formation Lazy Lidia. I can handle my own" *She would scoff at Lidia and fixes her hat*
  • @Toruk ; "That's big coming from the girl that blew up the alchemy lab once" *Lidia says with a smirk*
  • @nikiduke “At least I did not set or teacher on fire when learning basic pyromancy”
  • @Toruk ; "Ms. Woodsworth had it coming!"

    "YOU TWO! SHUT YER YAPPERS OR ILL SCORCH YER ARSES TO HELL!" *The witch in the very front of your squadron yells at both of you. "NOW GET BACK IN FORMATION GOOSEWRENCH!"
    Goosewrench pouts and gets back in formation. (Btw where is your apprentice if you have one?)
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