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The Dark war. Stories of the 11th company (Soldier rp)

Oh hello there. Hehehehehehehe. Are you looking for the thread? Here's a little tip cutie.
Don't trust what's on the surface. You'l REgrEt iT!

Mission report
Objective: Capture hill 42
Week 1
Begin transcription: This is Major Thalia Brovedar of the newly formed 11th company. When 1st lieutenant Gavran first informed me of the High commands wishes. You could imagine my shock. The leisurely lifestyle i had built behind the front lines came crumbling down as soon as it arrived. I regret to inform command once again that they are sending a child to the front. Of course that is an excuse more than anything. I'm certain that they're perfectly aware of my record. Which either means they trust me. Or fear me and want me dead. Calling the capture of Hill 42 at the current stage of the war a bold idea should be seen as an understatement. The hill forms the backbone of the human military. And as such is heavily defended. Only a fool would assault it without the necessary backup. And yet i am expected to capture it in a limit of 2 months? Using freshly enlisted recruits no less!? With all of this at the table i can only conclude that this is a test by command. They wish to test my resolve and capabilities as a leader? Very well then. Although i might die with this operation. I will make sure to fight tooth and nail to fulfill the requirements. Then maybe i could finally get that cushy job in Rotter as a provincial guard Major. Currently me and the troops are traveling via train to Yark in order to perform the military parade before heading off to war. Personally i see this as a waste of time and resources. But i cannot deny that it will positively impact the morale of the country. And it is with great honor that my company was assigned to lead one of the columns. All i can hope is that they don't disappoint me. And hopefully these 3 days of travel are enough time to drill them in the matters of parading. And more importantly the basics of military operations.

So there isn't much info i have to inform you on for this one. This is a roleplay thread so all that's important is that i give you a general overview of the situation and what's going on. If you've just stumbled here without making a character. You can make one in my character creation thread.

So here's the deal. Here on the map you see 3 factions. The tinker Empire (aka the fatherland, aka us)
The coalition of man (aka the bad guys)
And the republic of Greensland. Who are partaking as allies in the war against the coalition. (Bothers gotta stick together after all)
The Dark war started very soon after the Greenslander revolution. As the Coalition tried to take reconquer it. Only to be met with the fierce resistance of the FATHERLAND! (Patriotism intensifies)
So for the first time in a while. The empire is actually on the defensive.
Ofcourse that won't stop us from kicking butt and taking names. But the objective for once is not to humiliate and conquer humanity. That's all.

The 4 armies have each pledged a great amount of troops to this of course. What should be noted is that there is currently another war going on over seas. And so not all of the troops are here at the moment.
Still its more than enough to hold the line and make those stupid humies into bags of molted led and bullets.

However whilst this is all great and stuff.
This thread primarily focuses on the 11th company.
A newly formed division of rookies and newly recruited corporals. led by the extremely temperamental and harsh hand of Thalia Brovedar. The youngest recorded major in the empires history. At only 13 years of age.
The major:
The army insignia:
Currently the 11th company is traveling by train to the imperial capital of Yark. A scenic destination where they will perform the time honored military parade through the streets. Inspiring patriotism and confidence in the populace.

The capital city during parade:

(And landing some sweet benefits to the participating major)

The beggining of this thread is as such. Set in the train. Where everybody in the rp will be able to form relationships on the journey and discuss the world at large. All whilst under the watchful eye of the Major and her 1st lieutenant.

So yeah. Don't be fooled by the war theme.
This thread is more about the lives of these soldiers then the actual war. Although ofcourse. Thats a big part too.

I hope that you enjoy this thread. And i hope that i have enough stuff going on with it to keep you all interested.

Cheers. I will now @ all the players that signed up
@Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 @Phendrix (Who is yet to finish but ill @ him anyways)

List of characters:
Name and Surname: Palach Boga
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Place of birth: Burk
Division:Cavalry core
Backstory: Palach was born to be undividedly devoted to her faith in the one and only true God her family knew and she would be Gods perfect servant, because they groomed her and basicly mentaly broke her to the point of being on the borderline of brainwashing, to make it short he loves and fears her god whether she wants to or not, and as such will also die for her god,
and well seeing some propaganda about joining the war is serving your god justly, there were no second guesses, off she went to train and stay devout to the last breath, which may or may not be screaming their Gods main prayer when performing a raid.
Nothing else too interesting just a broken but seemingly super devout girl in the ranks willing to jump into oncoming bullets if it meant serving her God justly
Appearance: Long black hair with an always alert vibe to her expression, covered head to toe in religious symbols and with a constant sweet but at the same time creepy smile.
Religious symbol
B5 class Musket
Military Grade Saber
List of fears: Just her God, God will protect her from everything else, so there is no need to fear anything other than the lord
Name and Surname: Domenico Gioiello
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Rank: Ensign (12 roll)
Place of birth: Southport
Division: Artillery (Perfectly safe)
Backstory: Domenico Gioiello comes from a well off merchant family in the South port region, specifically in a town right upon the coast line. The Gioiello's are known specifically for their jewelry or exotic metal trade. He grew up learning the trade of exotic goods and how to lead a merchant vessel. and how to fence He never could handle it though, he was a good leader for the ship, but would always get sea sick or a bit anxious when they were in rumored areas that were said to be raiding hotbeds and when it came to melee fighting, he could hold his own ground, but could never land the final blow, even when he had the chance. Most things else though, he was fine, able to handle people and send where they need to be and how to set the best coarse for the trade or how to get rid of competition or annoyances from a range and not by his own hands. War came around and he decided that he needed to kill some humans who were being so bothersome and getting in the way of the Gioiello's luxury good trade and the trade of "all good and honest merchants" due to their disgusting nature.

Appearance: Slightly shorter than the average Tinker, but large fangs, his eyes are usually hidden behind the fogged up goggles he uses to keep dust out of his dark brown eyes. Very bright ginger hair with tads of blonde on the edge (opposite of your profile pic niki) fashioned in a (*insert Kallark's hairsyle here*) Also has a small goatee they keep very well trimmed and gelled. Wears a dark green southern Artillery uniform under a fine looking fur coat with fur boots, upon his side is a highly decorated dueling sabre (Specifically an Italian Dueling sabre). On his wrists is an iron band with spikes connected to a silk glove, which is seen as jewelry. Finally, he wears a necklace of a golden horn under his fur coat but above his uniform. When the fur coat is off, the patch of his artillery crew is there on his right shoulder: A golden fleece with a star with a green outline and a Yark red fill.

Inventory: Military Saber, Light Uniform, goggles, jewelry x3, 7 pieces of gold
List of fears: Secrets others can find over time

Name and Surname: Brian Hartsue
Gender: Male
Age: 15, A couple of months away from 16 and having lied about his age to get in. His parents don't care that he's doing this, they don't love him anyways.
Rank: Soldier
Place of birth: Ironfield
Division: Scouting Core
Backstory: Brian is but a simple scout. He has no happy tale, with abusive parents and no friends. He has little to no care for most things around him, nor willing to let himself make any kind of friendly connection due to it. He lied of his age and snuck into the army without his parents knowing, and now does something to put his loveless life to use.
He has no care for his life, and he fights so that someone else doesn't have to risk theirs. If he falls, no-one will miss him, nor will he expect a burial. He does it with the hopes that one day, someone will end it for him.
Apperance: Looks to be an average man that you would expect to be 18 years old, despite his true age. Helmet is average-grade and his rifle old. He is a poor soldier and doesn't have much expectation for his gear to improve, and thus his gear often is poor appearance. Overall, just an average poor soldier.
B5 Musket [10g]
Military Saber [15g]
Goggles [5g]
Pack of Cigs [2g]
Pack of Cards [2g]
List of fears: Very little. He lost care of his life long ago, and as such is less afraid of things which might cost him his life. The only exception is a fear of a slow and painful death.

Division: scouts (sniper)
Name: Brewer "Brew" McKinney
age: 23
Backtory: his parents were brewers (obviously) and they wanted him to be a brewer (also obviously) to the point were they literally named him "Brewer" but he introduces himself as Brew and wants people to call him that now the thing about Brew is that he is a coward and should be in artillery here is a list of things he is afraid of:
getting killed
fear (yes he can get afraid of being afraid)
becoming an outcast
now despite the fact that his parents wanted him to be a brewer REALLY bad he doesn't like the profession all that much but he hasn't told anyone out of fear of becoming an outcast when hebecame a mandatory volunteer his family gave him two bottles of red rum as a parting gift
appearance: blue eyes blond hair
15g helmet
15g saber
40g B7 Long range class specialized Musket (B7-LR)
50g two bottles of red rum
15g light uniform
Name and Surname: Blancoeur 'Blaine' Leroi
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Rank: Lance Corporal
Place of birth: Bankson
Division: Calvary
A fairly average man fresh out of school. Blaine's from a rich family, so he gets all the good things. Growing up though, Blaine was always on the weaker on the side of the things. He's the introverted guy in school, always had an eye up in the sky.
He had some friends too. His best friend is named Leon, who is the complete opposite of him in every way. There's a girl too, named Ella. She's one of the smartest in his class by far. A gifted mind with a personalty that measures up to it. Admittedly, Blaine has feelings for her because "who wouldn't be?"
Of course, Leon knew this and encouraged him to work out, get stronger, and go ask her out. Blaine did the first part, but never the second. It was beneficial for another thing though: Going to war. All three of them decided to go to war together from Leon's talks.
Leon and Blaine would both be in the Calvary while Ella would be in Engineering. So, here they are.
Appearance: A man with above-average height. He has straight, short brown hair that curves to the right slightly. His build isn't too strong, but strong enough to be more than considerable to fight. He has nice, green eyes.

Name and Surname: Kamcorde Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Rank: Ensign
Place of birth: East
Division: North, Powdersomething, airforce
Backstory: Kamcorde lived in the east for the first 15 years of her life, with a generally well-off family. She played a lot of Batterdash, but just for fun since she was only a kid at that point. She was a good kid as far as her family knew, but when she about about 10 she began hanging around in the alleys and outskirts more, and making friends that aren't really what someone would call a good person.
She did some small things, like trespassing onto army property or drawing tails on people's walls.
Things were going alright, until she was tricked by one of her "friends" into giving away not only her own property, but also to steal from her parents, and quickly had given away almost all of her family's fortune for a worthless bat that she was tricked into thinking was expensive. She wasn't a smart kid, aight.
After realizing what she did, and too scared to return to her parents, she ran away into the forest and wandered for a while, starving, before being found by worked in the North district. She was battered and on the brink of death from wandering for months while also not having any survival skills.
Once in the east district, she changed her name to Kamcorde and didn't tell anybody about her old life, instead saying she had suffered amnesia.
She started playing a lot more Batterdash, and was pressured by the other kids who had accomplished a lot more than she had by her age, leading her to not get an important job but to try her damnedest at hitting that ball with that bat. She soon was among the best players in the north, and was pretty well-known by Batterdash fans before realizing how stupid she was for getting popular.

Since her face got out there for being good at playing Batterdash, her old parents soon recognized her and sent her a letter.
She was freaked out by having to answer to her family for spending their entire bloodline's fortune, that she stepped back from Batterdash and joined somewhere nobody would expect to find her: The army.
She's in the air force now.
She wants to eventually get back to Batterdash, but not without drastically changing her appearance.
Apperance: Kamcorde's a small fox girl (i forgot what the race actually was called) that you wouldn't expect to be good at Batterdash. Her ears are big and distinct, making it easy to tell her apart from others if you know her.
Inventory: B12 class Musket, drake skin ball, and the bat for the shop
List of fears: Her old life being found out by anyone, meeting with any of her family members, consequences of bad things that are out of her control, getting too popular
List on NPC's

Jayleen Boey (Flying ace)
Major Thalia Brovedar
Larry the soldier
Tilea (Brombank) the coldhearted
Bill O’Harris
1st lieutenant Gavran



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