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Sculpting URealms Characters: Finished Maelstrom



  • Wow! You got some serious talent! I would love to see Gwyneth next!
  • You guys love to give me a challenge, huh? Well, I hear you all loud and clear. Cain's going to be next. Now, I just got to figure out how big he is and how I'll get him to fit anywhere when he's done! I'll just have to be a bit more creative with his pose.
  • After Cain, (Who is a great choice) I would love to see my Boi Galen
  • How long have you been sculpting? These are really good, and finishing maelstrom in like a week is extra impressive.
  • @Ozoner I've been sculpting on and off pretty much all my life! Though Bopen was the first figure I've had to build a wire skeleton for (fitting right?), and he was the first one I tried to give a more complicated pose too. I've only ever made characters that stand perfectly upright before him.

    Most of my free time has been going into these figure. That and the fact that Maelstrom is around 4 inches tall is why he only took a week. But yeah, I'm glad you like them!
  • Cain is one of the most liked characters so of course im all for it but this is seriously incredible and i dont even care who you make i just want to see more
  • Man these are soooooo good! I love them so much!
  • How did I not even this thread earlier??? This is absolutely amazing!
  • Thanks so much guys! I've got most of Cain done, but I've been a bit distracted by other things. I'll get back to him soon. Hopefully before Dead Realms this weekend!
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