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Sculpting URealms Characters: Finished Maelstrom

Since a Bopen campaign is coming up, I decided to start with the Skeleton King himself >_< ! And after over 50 hours of hard work, he's done! Half dollars are included for scale.

Had my own fun playing around with his color scheme. I took his design from the animation at the end of "The Skeleton King" and did my best to reproduce it in a 3D environment while throwing my own style in. This was my first time messing with dynamic poses, so I'm pretty happy with how he turned out! He's a bit less that half a foot tall.

Who do you want to see next?



  • Holy cow this is awesome. Making skeletons seems tough and you nailed it. I'd love to see a porc. Jormr or Cain would be cool.
  • This is incredible, I love the use of shadows and color done in the paint. You did an amazing work also with the structure and pose with attention to details unmatched.
    I also suggest possibly either a Porc Character or a Kobold Character.
    Whatever you decide I hope you keep working at this, you have a great talent for it. :)
  • Wow that’s fantastic great job
  • That is super cool! :dank: 
  • That looks amazing!
    I agree with the others that you should make a kobold or porc next. I'm for either Cain or Maelstrom.
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    Id love to see one of the sunswords i guess.
    (Great job)
  • Thats amassing, I would say make a Maelstorm next, that's my vote.
  • I think Nisovin would look cool, great job.  
  • While Borracho is my go to, but I think Galen would be more interesting to see sculpted. Just a suggestion.
    Also, The Bopen looks amazing. That's the king I'm hopen for!
  • Amazing Job!
  • Thats really cool(tho i was expecting a digital sculpt( thats more my speed). 

    to answer your title you should make a virgo to go with your bopen. 
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    Amazing! I adore the colouring you did! Its so great and wow. You are just so amazing!

    Maybe you could do Galen or Maelstrom, next? To answer your question. 
  • @LadyOutlier How much for it? I want to so PHINEAS MASTER CABALIST! >:)
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    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! They're really encouraging to read!

    After looking through what you all had to say, it looks like Maelstrom is technically the most requested character, so I'll be working on him next.

    I still plan on getting to the rest of your requests eventually! I'll just be going by most popular first!
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    That's awesome! The style you use is amazing
    Would love to see Duke Daring mid pose
    edit: or Nisovin
  • I believe the next one to do would be a Virgo sculpture. Just so you have that season 2 finale duo there. Duke Darking shield surfing would be really good too.

  • Finally finished Maelstrom, and he's equipped with his own posable eyepatch! I'm going to attempt to keep all these figures in scale to one another, so he's a bit shorter than Bopen. Not sure how I'm going to handle Black Boars with this plan though.

    Who should I make next?
  • I think maybe Virgo. Good job on that one too
  • I really like having a removable eyepatch, great job! You should do Phineas next.
  • Nah M8 Do Gwyneth
  • Maelstrom is my favorite so far. I'd love to see Gwyneth or Nisovin!
  • Damn, I would put that on my desk
  • Damn that’s awesome. Fantastic job. I’d like to see phineas 
  • That's incredible!

  • Wow these are really cool! Great job  :D
  • Thanks everyone again for the nice words. They really keep me motivated to work on these figures.

    As of right now, here are the number of requests I have for suggested characters:
    Jormr -- 1
    Borracho -- 1
    Cain -- 2
    Duke Daring -- 2
    Gwyneth -- 2
    Galen -- 2
    Virgo -- 3
    Phineas -- 3
    Nisovin -- 3

    We have a three way tie between Virgo, Phineas, and Nisovin, so if you have a preference (or want to band together to get someone else on top), now is the time to put in your vote!
  • Would love to see how you'd do Cain! The possibilities of his quirky attitude and additions (the wig & Tom mainly) are too entreating to pass up. Also 4-way ties are always better than 3  >_<
  • Time for me to tip the votes in favour of Cain.
  • Im also gonna vote for my still favourite character, Cain.

    These are really amazing btw. love them
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