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Nisovin's Adventures- A Pitch

So, get this lads. The city of Nisovins has a theme park. It's basically made of rides and park events that detail the various adventures of the Nisovins.

IE: The Den of Devils: This would be a wild journey into the abyss where there're lots of mechanical or not so mechanical dragons attacking those who enter to throw the eggs in portal colored basketball hoops before escaping.


  • I'm down as long as the theme park is called "the Magic Kingdom"
  • Why is my first impression that this theme park is mostly intended as a trap to lure and capture more believers?
  • @Totenalle It Definitely isn't meant for that pffft now way.
  • @DungeonDavid I love it; we'll have people dressed up as Nisovin and Elven Royals. That or write books about them working as cashiers and street artists
  • One of the attractions is an arcade machine where the goal is to rapid fire on enemy outlaws. The High score is held by someone with the initials "B. J. F."
  • @Sambo I live for these references.
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    It is Technically not a Nisiovin Adventure, but he did hire them, or at least A Nisovin hired them, so I could see him trying to profit of it somehow with a ride.
    Possibly a joke of him inserting himself into more stories more frequently as a running gag.
    Turning some of the rides into Self-insert Fan-Fiction territory.
    Anyway the ride pitch idea
    Pirates of the Boecoe, a ride based on the abridged events of all the pirate campaigns, floating along on a boat passing recreations of iconic scenes from the Adventures all by the accompaniment of everyone's "Favorite" Pirate Sea Shanty. Before the ride begins, a voice recording of Kinny reminds everyone to "Buckle Up".
    - How the ride could work
    As you float down river in your boat you encounter various perils from the adventure you are floating by and cannon fire from foes, its a race against time as you rack up Pirate Points by being able to snatch treasure from the sets and get back to your boat before it continues down the track.
    -The "Reward"
    Surviving the ride you are rewarded with a trip to the Treasure Room Gift Shop where you can exchange Pirate Points for Gold or other Prizes.
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