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People in Pokeballs Lore

Alright, so I think I have the general idea of the people in pokeballs thing. For starters: there is some lore about how Mew is the common ancestor of all pokemon; Based on how Mew's DNA is a sortof combination of all other pokemon (which is why it can learn any move). Based off this, there's a theory about how pokeballs target the genetic similarities between all pokemon, thus excluding humans. This kinda conflicts with the whole: Arceus is a literal god that created the universe thing. That said, pokeballs definitely don't work on people, as seen on occasion in the anime. Ash was a bit of a goof and mistook some people for pokemon at first, like Jessie, who's hair was on fire - so Ash thought she was a fire type pokemon. Fun times. The closest cannon thing I think is the Mewtwo balls, which are sentient and attack people. They were made to capture already captured pokemon that was Mewtwo could recruit them to his army.  So in total, no cannon reason for people not being catch-able, but regular pokeballs can't. The common fanfic theory is that early pokeballs "could" catch people, but they would be brain dead when released. Following this, putting people in pokeballs was internationally banned, and anyone who did so would be tried for murder.
This was brought up in PkmnRob, so I did some research. Not sure if that's all there is, so let's make it a discussion!


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  • Howdy!
  • That's straight up creepy if you can effectively kill someone with a pokeball 
  • People are pokemon. They just control the technology that captures pokemon.
  • @TamTroll ;
    People may control the technology to capture pokemon, but Porygon is in control of the PC (transfer) system. Lore from the famous banned episode. It caused some seizures, so it had to be taken down :P
  • @Meben ; ahh, but who created Porygon? PEOPLE!
  • True, but they can also be hatched from eggs, because we gave them that functionality :P 
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