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Beenu Biology

So Question if any of the staff can answer (Or if anyone knows)? What type of birds do their feathers mock, like are their subraces, like one's feathers mock parrots while another mocks a crow? Also do they all have human-like faces? Do some Beenu have beaks? Just a shower thought that I became curious about


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  • Well though I cant speak for the staff and designers, by the looks of it though Beenu are a cross of Parrot and Owls in terms of feather style and cowl design. Possibly other bird species that I am not fully familiar with. 
  • @ZeoCobra interesting, thank you
  • If you google beenu it comes up with ancient Egyptian storks. They are very similar in color and anatomy in general. The URealms beenu just have a bit of red splashed onto them. They are also very similar to Aarakocra  in DnD (Elemental Evil Player's Companion handbook) also set in the forgotten realms. I generally refer to them when running my campaigns. 
  • We kind of just base each beenu off of a bird we think looks neat. By we I mean Six and IrishxLily who usually do the first designs for characters. They don't usually have beaks exactly, but their noses are kinda pointed like a beak.
  • @Meganzoor ok, makes since, thanks for the response  :D
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