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Sea of thieves crew?

Okay, couldn't convince my friends to get Sea of thieves. So my account name is Ebrend, feel free to add me and we can play!

(Also is it allowed to post something that is this offtopic?)


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    Video games belong in off topic so you should be fine. I’m always up for more crew though, more the merrier right? My account is beepatron and I’m up for sailing whenever I’m around.
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    i recently bought the game, if people are still looking for others i'd like to join peoples. (just need to tell me what info i need to give, and i'll give it).
    my gamertag is: piratehalo9419
    discord is: piratelord945#2747
  • You need to be friends on xbox live or whatever it’s called. If your on windows you can just search Xbox in the start menu to open the Xbox app.
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