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Just an idea for the two new divines.

So I had an idea how the two new old god divines could play off each other. To put it simply, the Forn gives the Cursed Hands Power, which can bring back the dead, to the Beenu so he/she can revive his/her race. When you think about it, it makes sense. If I were the last of my race I'd be really depressed, and the gifting of power could actually be a plot/character development for the Beenu, and perhaps even change the reason for the Beenu's purpose. (I.E from revenge to protecting his race.) If you have any thoughts I'm open to other ideas how they could play off each other.


  • @IronLegionSoldier the beenu comes into existence at present/future urealms and thus wouldn’t have met another one of its race and thus wouldn’t feel any sadness for the beenu race 
  • @Revoltman

    The beenu Could find the torn, and make him believe that they’re the most depressed (or comvince the person who he gives cursed hand to).

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