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Balancing the Old God Divines

I was rewatching the archived Old God stream just now. I reached a part where Rob had the revelation that the first OGD can stop time, rewrite everyone's minds, and start time again for an instant win. As Rob pointed out, "that's broken." I understand that the OGDs are supposed to be, well… divine, so it makes sense that they should be overpowered to some extent.

However, I had an idea to balance them a tiny bit, that wouldn't even be that hard to implement. You know how all the OGD cards have those five 'sin' gems at the bottom? My idea is that each OGD Power would cost a different number of sins to use. The OGD only gets a limited number of sins to spend per campaign. {E.g., 25 sins per game.} Additionally, the OGD might be able to spend some sins for a chance to gain them back — so they don't run out and become boring for the rest of the game. {E.g., bet 5 sins, flip a coin, and either double or lose those sins.}

tl;dr, make the OGD's Powers cost something to use, so OGDs don't always instant win.


  • your acting like we dont have like 8 overpowered characters already that can get an instant win
  • isn't there an insane Nisovin with an AK47 that is able to kill divine beings running around somewhere?

    and that Nisovin is a believer?

    And therefore immune to time stop?
  • I’m not even sure he’s insane. He’s just super powerful 
  • I actually really wanted the Beenu OGD to get the arrival of the OoC getting frozen. I feel like that would be been a good way to not make them super over powered but likely the power cost will be something. It really seemed like they tried to say it in the cards but most of it was vague
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