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Bopin's Appearance

So the last time we saw Bopin he got his current skull and many of his bones destroyed by Percy at the end of The Purge. The result being he absorbed his bones and skull. The thing about that is that Percy was a giant keen who was either a mutant, a keen dwarf hybrid, or an elf keen hybrid which seemed to be the case after it turned out his sword was indeed as legendary as he believed it to be. On top of this, his arms and legs contorted and stretched to a massive degree.

So I'm thinking Bopin might look one of a few ways:
  • He looks the same, after all, the first bones we see him taking on were the bones of the royal family of Dundenburrow which included a child's bones.
  • He's like a kraken skeleton with misshapen and differently sized bones, perhaps even under a cool cloak or just out in the open. This option could give Percy's legacy a bit of a twist as it both deforms but enhances Bopin as he'd now have crazy tentacle bones as well as being way taller than before.
  • Lastly, could be he's a bit shy or doesn't realize that he looks super goofy and fucked up which could be played for laughs; perhaps being used as a way for us to empathize with him a bit which then allows us to get to know him and his motives more as time goes on. Could be he also kills more often in order to try and cycle out the old fucked up giant bones he's now made up of.
These are obviously just my little fan theories, but it's just a small thing I got excited about after hearing mention of a Bopin campaign. What do you guys think about these possibilities or other ones? I'm guessing I might've gotten things wrong as well so please tell me if I did.


  • Just so you know, it's actually spelled "Bopen" not Bopin :)
  • I know, for some reason I forgot and then was too lazy to fix. Please no bully.
  • While it's still up in the air, i wouldn't be surprised if Percy shattering Bopen's / Virgo's skull was reconnected out, as Rob did seem lightly salted about that. Other then that though... Yeah i wouldn't be surprised if he had some malformed pieces thrown in there, at least temporarily. Might have picked up some more normal bones from the remains of some Skullbreakers in Deadlantis or something.
  • It really is fascinating when you realize Bopen would have always look deformed to some degree in all his time in URealms. Maybe he just forces bones to squash or stretch to fit the need he has at the time. As such, I prefer the first one personally. Mostly cause Bopen isn't really a character I feel needs sympathy and I don't know if he'd use the tentacle power even if he did have access to it.
  • I feel once he gets fleshed out more and we find out even what the fuck he most questions will be answered. Though of course, we don't need to know literally everything, like we still don't know much about how Gwenyth went from flirting with a single dad to being a badass soldier (not that those things conflict), but we still love the character. I like Bopen in concept, but still, need a bit more to really like em either as a character or even as a villain. 
  • Rob
    edited May 2019
    ya but would he keep deformed bones in his body when he could replace them? I assume he has a closet but instead of clothes its filled with bones and skulls. he probly has a nice little spot for virgos skull and other important skulls he keeps sorta like a wardrobe.
  • @Rob
    Wow, so Bopen literally has skeletons in his closet, lol.
  • @Rob

    Oh shit, so Virgo's skull didn't get destroyed then? That would make sense if he can just switch em out super duper easily given how valuable it is, but I kinda figured he'd need to have it attached to his shoulders in order for his dreamweaver friend to tap into the visions related to it (though I'm interested to see how that journey meshes with the divine decision that says those visions are just old god fuckery.)
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