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To any Order of Chaos Member that is willing.

Please relay this message.

"To Whomever the Goblin High-lord is at the moment, they always change so fast, please join the side of the Dead when the war begins to break out. It would only be fitting to join the side that would put an end to your oppressors wouldn't it? You know you can do great to the realm and its people so, why let these pointy ear bastards who can't even grow facial hair decide what you can do? No longer will you have to fear for your lives, your families, and your entire species because of some "King". Prove your alliance to the true ruler, The Skeleton King, and set free your people and all whom the powers of the realm oppress. It's what's best for the economy too! "


  • You know Bopen will want to make the Goblins Ageless right? That'll effectively make them extinct.

    Pretty sure they have their own minor deity in the "Veiled Queen" that they may not want to stray from... and i don't think regular Goblins can hear us Old Gods, just the individuals who have a sin marked on their body.
  • Im not certain the gobolins best interest actually lie with the ageless. Is there any evidence that the ageless treat them well? I believe there's a point somewhere where we learned that the sunswords actually dont share the elves natural distaste for goblins. Are we even sure that the GPO doesn't accept goblins into there ranks?

  • I think we know too little about the Ageless to know if this is wise.
  • Do we have any evidence that being Ageless is such a bad thing? Although those with the Mark can hear us directly, It would only be probable that there is some Goblin or someone in contact with the High-lord. Even if there isn't, I'm sure the ageless would love to join forces with them.
  • The problem I have with the ageless is that they will kill the realm, and I am saying this now if the ageless win we are making an armageddon OGD and we are letting the realm rest. It was our mistake that caused the war so we need to end it, and the best ending is the ageless work with the living for those who are willing so that those who want eternal life through the ageless can get it, but otherwise, there is dragon silver to eat.

    The living and the dead need to work together to make a realm without suffering, not a fleeting realm where only those with access to the dragon silver rule, and not a dead one with only ageless that slowly all die off due to accidents. 
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    downsides of being ageless:

    Can not grow (Ageless as a child? You're stuck a child forever)
    Can not reproduce (Need the living for more ageless)
    Can't eat
    Can't sleep
    Can't go to the bathroom (if that's something you enjoy)
    Can't drink / get drunk
    Always just kind of... /there/
    No death means overpopulation is rampant in ageless settlements
    No Sex (!)

    Downsides of being alive:

    Going to die someday.
    Can feel pain.
    Have to eat / sleep / go to the bathroom.

    @TheIr0nKn1ght it was not "Us" who made the ageless go to war. It was Caprikel specifically. Divine Decisions are a single person choosing, not a vote, not a donation, but one person.

    Also possibly TaeyRurj for makeing Gwen the Grand Paladin. not sure.
  • @TamTroll It's all but certain that lance would've gone to war with the ageless as well.
  • @TamTroll
    Overpopulation isn't that much of an issue when things like food and water aren't needed.
  • @Neddels it does mean constant expansion, though. Even the skeletons in your closet need ample space lol
  • @Neddels like Poppy said, i was mainly referring to Space. You can avoid eating and sleeping all you want, it'll still get annoying bumping solders with someone every two seconds, and REALLY hard to get wherever you're going.
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