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Who is the most depressed urealms character

I would say that the ageless is a good choice however one of the few things we know about Dragon Aspect Yvander is that she is super sad and depressed so wouldn't tree person have to try and go to Yvander on the coldest place in the realm we know of.


  • some top contenders would be;

    - Lance
    - Galen
    - Gwyneth
    - Vitali
    - Sad Lady (Alissia)
    - specifically, some skull crusher ageless
  • i think you pretty much nailed it with dose once @erock1118 ;
    i would maybe ad some characters from deadlantis, but that has more to do with how effected they where from the berth of magic then how sad they are now

  • Ralph From the sandbolds 
    Zanaria vinisto

  • also, one thing to note about the skull crushers is that it was the big twist of Senate of Deadlantis to have all the skull crushers get invigorated because of Bopen so not many of them may be considered depressed or sad anymore
  • I can't think of a better contender for divine power than the best Lawyer money can buy, Xenthrill Barringster! 

    While it may seem shocking at first, Xenthril has been through so much, he has changed from the 'evil' and 'crooked' man he once was. He has become sad, depressed, reclusive. He lost so much!

    My other contender is Duke Daring, who lost Big 'Un. And maybe a campaign crafted where he loses his dignity, and he is another contender!
  • Gwyneth is no more. There is only the grand paladin. It is a mix of emotion in there. If anything wouldn’t Clark be more upset as he is the one let over to see his love accept her fate. The ones who have died and gone have finished their story. They do not get the experience joy or sorrow anymore. Only those left behind are the ones that must shoulder those feelings @erock1118
  • Wasn’t jebadiah from den of devils super depressed?
  • @Murlin22 emo i think
  • Justin’s character from the sandbolds was pretty sad
  • In terms of characters we've seen, definitely Gwyneth. Otherwise Yvander.
  • Lyn is also a pretty sad character
  • Alissia is canonically named "Sad Lady" and has one of the most twisted backstories possible
  • @ZombieMonkey7
    Well, when the man you are married to uses your son as a sacrifice to become a skeleton man, and your life still has a bunch of other problems, I think it's pretty fair to be called Sad Lady.  :(
  • @Dart
    I couldn't agree more
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