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Sins of the Unforgotten

Can Characters brought back to life get sins or can there only be five at any given time? And they can still be accumulated what happens with another five? 


  • I think rawb said something along the lines of characters will still get sins and join the order but there won't be any special event tried to it.
  • Then wouldn't the old god divines power basically give out sins, since even if it was a special event someone was usually brought back to life then got the sin.
  • they probably would get one. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't
  • The Cursed Hands power is probably an exception since they are an exceptional Divine. Think Sins are mainly handed out when a mortal was supposed to die, but cheated their way out of it somehow, just the act of a Divine being involve (Such as Deadbones' character in the Sandbolds) might not cause a sin.

    can't be sure though.
  • Yea we would just have to wait and see. It was just on my mind cause that can cause the order of chaos to expand exponentially.
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