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Question about joining the Order of Chaos this weekend

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So this week end when 30 (possibly 60) people make divine decisions will they all join the Order or will it be just people who make a decision during a show? Asking for curiosity sake.


  • I was curious about this too. I guess we'll have to see come Saturday
  • Correct.
  • Oshit rawbs speeding up the old god mind control thingamajig 
  • god, Revolt, I've been thinking about the slave to entertainment aspect for weeks. There's a couple of people who I think would be especially gripped about now
  • That's gonna be a lot of custom avatars
  • But Rawb may be replying to Emp not Erock.
  • Correct as in their will be a lot more people able to access those forums.
  • Rest in peace free will that they never actually had you will be missed
  • @Revoltman I mean, so far only 7 people can actually be messed with. But 30+ people messing with 7 might screw with their brains really badly.
  • @friskyBrisky

    to be fair, is it any different to how things are from our point of veiw normally?

    at any given time, we are hundreds, if not thousands of voices all cheering/jeering for the same small handful of individuals. hundreds of us want to see Bopen die. hundreds more want him to live. yet more wish for him to join the order of chaos and see us for what we are.

    to any character in canon, either able to hear us or not, our voices are and/or would be little more then the background static of an indistinguishable fluid churning through the universe.

    that's what made the order of chaos board so interesting, it let a few filter out their voices through the noise and actually be heard. If many more join in all at once, that filter may be damaged until it is just more noise. or perhaps, less like static, and more like the voices you hear in the game "Hellbalde: Senua's Sacrifice" . Where there are many of them, but they tend to speak one at a time, so while you may not be able to tell who's who, you can at least hear what they are saying.
  • If that is the case I do hope Rawb is prepared for the chance that the same person could be picked more than once. I recall the DD system being a bit screwy sometimes in its picks and sometimes even does not properly choose people.
    I have faith everything will turn out just fine regardless.
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    @ZeoCobra oh but they can be picked more than once. What would be the point of levelling up after you're picked if you can't get picked again?  :)
  • @Meganzoor Fair enough indeed. Still here is hoping everything works as intended then and not horribly break in the middle of things. :)
  • Also Virtual points?
  • What would that make them? Double ascended?
  • @hill25c bahaha. i got boogers on my keyboard from giggling at this meme. i hope your happy.
  • @Meganzoor I'm happy to read that, a guilty burden has been lifted from my shoulders.
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