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Campaign Thread: A Fate Worse than Death



  • 3 hours and 40 minutes into the character creation. Flight was just chosen. Coupled up with the other personality traits thus far, I am thinking of the possibility that this Beenu orchestrated the destruction of the Beenu race, because they were not real Beenus. Real Beenus can fly, but because the rest of the race had devolved into basically chickens, this Old God Divine was ashamed and wiped out all fake Beenus, until they were the only one left.
    In that case, this character would be like a nazi! Eradicate the fake. Maybe they will do the same to other races?
  • Update:
    With the Fourt Wall break arrival, it makes total sense that this OGD character can access information from the Order of Chaos! I do not know if my past speculation will work though... I hope this Beenu can arrive before the destruction of the Beenu race, but I do not remember if Sallazhar was around at that time. In the case that the Beenu arrives after, maybe they want revenge on the elves? The Beenu race was created by the old gods, if I remember correctly, and since the elves (Lyn Azveltara) eradicated them, the old gods may want to bring doom to the elves.
  • yo what would happen if a divine had a child with an old god 
  • @nollbub well, I remember it being said this stream (it's in Ep. 3, too) that an OGD's child would get two of their powers going by Rule of Funny. What do we know about regular Divine children?
    And @thatbear Lightbeards was definitely after the BoM, right? I'm actually not sure about the timeline logistics around the event, tbh, but Sall and Doug were in the campaign. May not say much, though, considering possible time travel shenanigans in A Night to Remember.
  • @thatbear ;
    If i understood right he has to come into the world around current time in the timeline because he needs to come in after the order of chaos is formed which is after sandbolds from my understanding.
  • what i love about this is that (as expected), absolutely none of those "old god divine idea" threads gained any traction in what was actually created. Be it because it was literally impossible, or because the inherent chaos of the old gods and the divine decision prevented it from even getting close.

    What we got was not planned, thought out, or organized, just a series of random events that created something truly unique. the CLOSEST we got was when we were voting for the Beenu's objective, and it started to look like everything was tilting to "Lets be a wholesome god, we're tired of the needless bloodshed." But then things took a twist, and spiraled into a world-dominating horror probably bent on vengeance to some degree.

    There can be no order in the old gods. and i find this funny.
  • @TamTroll i should note that puppet master was the most popular purpose people just switched plans
  • @Revoltman Everyone's a sucker for a government conspiracy >_>
  • I'm just happy that we may have found a reason to bring back Milbee's character from the Galen Private Eye campaign just by suggesting "Tree Law" as a Forn thing.
  • how does one join the order of chaos?? please tell me

  • @Haxur 1. Win a Divine Decision. You may already know that it works like a raffle if you showed up to the OGD creation. Many other elements are shared between the two events, like a higher level increasing your chance of getting picked. Rolling every day helps a lot (you always get at least 101 experience per roll)
    2. Get a tattoo of the Order of Chaos' insignia. On Rob's twitter (@urealms) a little bit of scrolling should get you to the reference images needed, though, may wanna be certain that you want a permanent marking of URealms before you finalize it lol

    The first method is rather reliant on being blessed by the Lady herself, so good luck!!
  • Oh, oof! Don't worry--even a one for daily gold gets you..wait, oh! I think it's at least 151 EXP and 101 gold. Glad I caught that
  • Can the first old god that was made what would happen if it tried to change the mind of a believer?
  • Smh not going with a kobold that couldn’t role a one, couldn’t be hit by a critical and having a 1/5 chance of getting a crit
  • So when the season starts? Am very excited!!!

  • edited May 2019
    @Acardux At , down at May 27th, it looks like Season 4 is going to be released with a livestream, if that's pertinent to ya :) I'd assume that campiagns'll start up this summer
  • @PoppyrusRose ; Thank you kind sir!  :)   I hope is that day ( i think i can manage the time difference  :(
  • @Acardux no that’s just the launch party
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    Yeah, I probably should've been more specific w/ my wording, huh? Season 4 of the Urealms *game* is coming at the end of may, with campaigns after that. @Acardux srry about that  :p
    Also, 25th. whoopth lol
  • Hey guys, does anyone know if the reveal of the design of the old gods divine is delayed? Looking at the front page, it states that they will be revealed on the 20th of May. But I haven't seen anything about the revealed old gods divine. So does anyone know if it is delayed? and if so,  does anyone know if rob has classified when we can expect to see the revealing art of our divines?
  • @Spacewalker since the 1st s4 campaign has been delayed to the end of june I'm guessing june 24th.
    This saturday is about the s4 launch party where rob is gonna show us the updated mod  :)
  • @Spacewalker I believe Rob mentioned on stream that a URealms video that was supposed to be released wasn't quite done yet.
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