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Team Phijkchu Icon Images

Does anyone have a collection of the images? I loved the icons and finally, have a place to effectively use them. Was hoping someone had a bunch of links stored somewhere.


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    Just in case you aren't aware:

    The "Phijkchu" name has been quite tarnished over the passed couple of years due to quite a few bad eggs that turned most of the "cult" into toxic anti-fans. Unfortunately the whole Phijkchu thing isn't as popular because of it and most of those using Phijkchu in their twitch names have changed their twitch names to avoid being confused for those jerks.

    But since I did all high rez arts for all the Phijkchu avatars back when the pkmn album was released I'll still link the album here for your Phijkchu nostalgia LINK :)
  • Really? That's such a shame... I didn't know  that was going on. I loved the meme and the art. Such is the life of the internet I suppose.
  • I've uploaded all the avatars here for you:

    Hope you enjoy!

    And as Megan says, there was a lot of drama going on in the Phijkchu Cult last year, but after some cleaning of house and expelling the handful of members who were causing trouble, the cult's a pretty positive place once again. We're excited for S4 and fairly active on Discord.
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